iSure® 8.1

iSure® 8.1

iSURE®8 software (Intelligent Sandvik Underground Rock Excavation software) is a computer program for tunneling construction and mining drill and blast process control. It produces all the data you need for an optimized drilling and blasting cycle.

Drill and blast intelligence

Wherever accurate drilling and blasting along with drill and blast design are needed, iSURE® 8 software and iSERIES drilling rigs make all the difference! Successful operations are based on four key points: quality, cost, schedule and safety. The best results are achieved with accurate drilling and blasting together with professional design and professional people.

Optimized drill and blast

Optimization of drill and blast means taking into consideration the changes in rock blastability and other changes in the environment. iSURE® 8 offers a rich set of plans editing and feedback functions to achieve the best possible result from the blast. Patterns can easily be edited as the design is parameter based. A controlled blast results in good pull out, restricted fracture zone and greater rock strength around the tunnel. A round’s length and detonation can be tuned to the allowed vibration level and geology.

Data driven productivity

iSURE®8 has a toolset for covering ‘advanced metrics’. This increases the knowledge of users, and reveals points of improvement in face drilling rigs usage and in tunnel excavation drill and blast process. It produces high level KPIs from collected rounds and respective design data.

These metrics consist of drill rig fleet production summaries, realized schedule and heuristics analysis of process data. They are targeted to improve excavation (face drilling) production capability, plan future activities such as new projects, and to raise awareness when problems or difficulties occur. The use of dynamic dashboards adds dynamics into the analysis producing basic info like how the rigs are performing, has the rock drillability changed and how much it can affect the production rate. It easily provides users with practical benefits.

The full-featured iSURE® 8 software utilizes your drill rig’s data collection to improve the work cycle and the drill and blast excavation process. It also has an optional toolset for geological analysis (iSURE® GEO), a tunnel profile 3D scanning system (iSURE® 3D SCAN) and an interface to a third party blasting vibration feedback system. iSURE® 8 software capitalizes the improved accuracy of iSeries rigs for drill and blast usage.

Take your tunneling to the next level with Sandvik iSure® 8 software!

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