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Mako™ ground engaging tools

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Mako™ G.E.T is a next-generation lip protection system designed specifically for the toughest of mining conditions.


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  • New corner shrouds design

    When corner and straight shrouds wear at different rates, additional maintenance stops may be required for half-life change-outs of corners. The wear rate for MakoTM G.E.T corners and straight shrouds has been optimised to close to 1:1, meaning fewer maintenance stops and greater uptime.

  • New pin assembly

    Save time and prevent injuries during change-out with MakoTM G.E.T patented, single-cartridge locking and removal system. Each cartridge is pre-lubricated for simple installation. Enjoy quick and safe hammerless removal using a rattle gun (hex bolt 19mm o ¾”).

  • New cast corners

    The corner is a high-stress zone on the bucket that faces an elevated risk of fatigue failure. Patented MakoTM G.E.T cast corners have undergone structural improvements that make them resistant to fatigue, extending the life of the bucket lip.

  • New boss

    MakoTM G.E.T new weld-on boss system is easy to weld and replace.

  • Shroud lifting device

    Shrouds are heavy objects, and worn shrouds in particular can be diffi cult to move due to the absence of lifting lugs. MakoTM G.E.T shrouds lifting device, helps make your workshop safer for easy shrouds change-out.


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Customer story

How the Mako™ (G.E.T) were developed - With a little help from their friends

Over a four-year period, Australian mining contractor Byrnecut was instrumental in the development of the new and improved Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T) system from Sandvik – MAKO™.

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