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Battery electric trucks


Dimensions (LxWxH)
11000 x 3350 x 2900 mm
50,000 kg
Box range
24 - 31 m³
TH550B Battery electric truck

Sandvik TH550B is a fully battery-powered dump truck for underground mining with a 50-tonne capacity. The 3rd generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is designed around the Artisan® battery pack with a safe and proven lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry and electric driveline. It requires minimal additional infrastructure, needing only an electrical connection in a mine.


Product specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)
11000 x 3350 x 2900 mm
50,000 kg
Box range
24 - 31 m³
Maximum payload
50,000 kg
Standard dump box
28 m³
Dump box range
24 - 31 m³
Operating weight
49,600 kg
Battery chemistry
Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP)
Environmental temperature
0 - +45°C
Standard operating altitude
-1500 m - +3000 m
Power train info: continuous power output
180.000 kW each
Power train info: power (continuous)
720 kW
Power train info: aux motor (torque, continuous)
1,200.000 Nm
Power train info: aux motor (power)
200.000 kW
Primary battery: nominal energy
354 kWh
Primary battery: nominal capacity
576.000 Ah
Primary battery: dimensions (LxWxH)
1800 x 2130 x 1680 mm
Primary battery: approx. weight
8,255 kg

Grade performance: *Speeds over 20 km/h subject to application approval

TH550B Battery electric truck

Learn more about TH550B features

Superior operator environment

Sandvik TH550B cabins are ROPS and FOPS certified, sealed for noise resistance, and fitted with dust-resistant upholstery. Cabin features include safety glass windows, emergency exits, and a magnetic interlock door switch that automatically applies the brakes when the cabin door opens.

12” Touch screen color display

The 12" touchscreen color display provides essential information and alarms on one screen. It reduces eye fatigue with a dark background and clear symbols. Sandvik Intelligent Control system prevents damage and production loss by warning of potential failures.

  • Charging Station

    Sandvik BEV Loader and Truck mobile Charging Stations allow battery changes in about three minutes with AutoSwap and AutoConnect. The charging and cooling units are the same size, allowing for a variety of configurations to fit any mine. This makes it easy to relocate and handle multiple operations simultaneously.

    Rapid battery changes

    Batteries are swapped quickly, without needing overhead cranes or forklifts. The operator drives to the swapping bay, lowers the depleted battery and retrieves a fully charged one. AutoSwap and AutoConnect mean there’s no need to leave the cabin.

    Mobile recharging station

    Charging depleted batteries requires the mobile charging station (MCS) and a connection to the mine electric grid. Use the same station to recharge any Sandvik-branded BEV loader or truck.

    Easy organization

    MCS units are uniform in size, enabling flexible and organized placement.

    Fuss-free handling

    Move the charging and cooling units with a forklift, with recommended lifting directions from front to back. Side pockets facilitate forklift handling and aid in turning and adjusting unit positions. Hoisting brackets in each corner provide additional lifting options.

    Download Mobile charging station brochure (PDF) Link to download Mobile charging station brochure (PDF)

  • Battery As A Service

    Sandvik Battery As A Service (BAAS) helps you shift to battery power by retaining ownership of the battery packs, chargers, spare parts and any needed maintenance. Each program is tailored to the needs of your fleet, mine design and cycle duties.

    Retained ownership

    As the owners of the batteries and chargers, Sandvik assumes responsibility for their maintenance and assures availability of stock. You receive expert help to ensure your batteries remain in optimal condition. At the end of their lifespan, Sandvik will repurpose or recycle them responsibly.

    In-house battery production

    Sandvik designs and assembles its battery system in-house, with full control over research and development, enabling rapid response to customer requests, aftermarket needs and product upgrades.

    Lithium-iron phosphate chemistry

    Sandvik BEVs use a lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery chemistry. LFP batteries have a longer lifetime than the more commonly used cobalt-based lithium-ion chemistry. LFP cell temperature rises occur at a lower rate than other chemistries for enhanced safety.

    Extensive testing

    Our BEVs are the result of over 15 years of battery design. We put batteries through extensive field testing in underground hard rock mines and have a test track that simulates mining conditions.

    Download Battery as a service brochure (PDF) Download Battery as a service brochure (PDF)


Kits and consumables

Kits and consumables
Compoments of loader

Parts and components

Parts and components


More productive, powerful and better for workers' health

"Every mine has a capital purchase or a maintenance replacement coming up in the next few years, and they would be missing out if they decided not to investigate or pursue battery-electric technology."

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