Sandvik Automation systems

Sandvik offers the industry's most advanced automation and teleoperation systems. These solutions significantly improve productivity and safety, while lowering the total cost of ownership. The software systems also help you to monitor your machines, giving you a full overview of your fleet and enabling you to control and optimize your operations.

Safety First

Sandvik automation systems provide a safe and controlled environment for operators and maintenance personnel both on the surface and underground.

Sandvik AutoMine™ automation and teleoperation systems

Sandvik's AutoMine™ product family covers all aspects of automation from tele-remote or autonomous operation of single pieces of equipment to multi-machine control and full fleet automation with automatic mission and traffic control capability.

Sandvik OptiMine™ information management system

OptiMine is a modular information management solution that offers a real-time view of your underground mining operations. OptiMine is suitable for all mining applications and mobile fleets, including those of other OEMs.