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Ranger™ DXi – It's all covered

For over 30 years, the Ranger™ series by Sandvik has worked hard in countless sites, earning it a reputation of versatility and performance. The Ranger™ DXi series is the culmination of all the experience gathered over the years, taking top hammer drilling to a new level.

Get reach

The revolving superstructure with 290° rotation enables coverage unlike anything else in the market – 55 m². This means more holes with less tramming, and at the end of the day, more productive working days with up to 60 minutes more drilling in each shift.

Get performance

Over the years, the trusted and powerful RD900 series has proven its value on countless sites and continues to power the Ranger™ DXi series. As an even more powerful option we now offer the upgraded RD930C rock drill. It boasts an excellent penetration rate, enabling up to 15% better productivity with reduced fuel consumption. And the all-new, unique CT67 and CT55 rock tools transform all that power to straight holes.

New rock drill RD930

  • 15% better productivity
  • 6.6% lower fuel consumption

New rock tools CT67 & CT55

  • Pioneering curved thread system
  • Trouble-free drilling
  • Easy coupling and uncoupling
  • Productivity enabler

Rock drills for all hole sizes

  • RD921 64–89 mm
  • RD925 89–115 mm
  • RD927 92–140 mm
  • RD930 115–152 mm

Get connected

Data management is another key to improving productivity. The in-depth fleet data makes monitoring productivity, efficiency, and sustainability easy.

  • Open Drill Interface
    Connect your Sandvik drill to ​any 3rd party navigation, telematics ​or fleet management system
  • My Sandvik Insight & Productivity
    Secure productivity, efficiency and uptime with in-depth fleet data.
  • My Sandvik Onsite
    Monitor productivity and integrate drills into mine systems and processes

Ranger™ DXi in action

Technical data

Ranger™ DX810i Ranger™ DX910i
Hole diameter 64–127* mm (3”–5”) 89–140** mm (3½”–5½”)
Rock drill RD925M, RD925M-C, RD921S, RD921S-C RD927L, RD927L-C, RD930C
Percussion output power 25kW, 21kW (33.5 hp, 28 hp) 25kW, 21kW (33.5 hp, 28 hp)
Rock tools 38 mm, 45 mm and 51 mm (1½”, 1¾” and 2”) 51 mm and 60 mm (2” and 2⅜”)
Drilling coverage 55 m² (592 ft²) 55 m² (592 ft²)
Engine output 185kW, 248 hp 210kW, 282 hp
Flushing air 8.5 m3/min, up to 10 bar, 300 cfm 9.5 m3/min, up to 10 bar, 335 cfm
*Please contact your Sandvik representative for hole needs larger than 115 millimeters. **Please contact your Sandvik representative for hole needs larger than 127 millimeters.

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