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My Sandvik Onsite is a powerful monitoring solution that transforms real-time data into actionable insights for productivity improvements.

Built on Sandvik’s OptiMine® technology, the solution provides data for drilling optimization with Sandvik i-series surface drill rigs, including Ranger DXi, Pantera DPi and Leopard DI650i, as well as Sandvik DR410i, Sandvik DR412i and Sandvik DR416i rotary blasthole drill rigs.
The on-premises solution works on a local network and can be easily integrated into any surface mining system.

Production management

  • Production feedback & analysis
  • Wireless drill plans and as-drilled data
  • Pattern progress
  • Production deep dive (hourly)

Operational efficiency

  • Operational & idle time tracking
  • Delay codes
  • Cycle management
  • Equipment comparisons
  • Mechanical vs. Effective utilization

Maintenance & availability

  • Maintenance feedback
  • Alert reports
  • Detailed signal analysis

Stay on the pulse of productivity

Analyze shift performance and monitor fleet operations in real-time to address concerns as they arise. Follow up on drilling targets and identify areas of improvement through deep dives.

Wireless drill plan transfer and drill navigation improve hole precision, while wireless pattern updates and pattern feedback save time and effort in drilling follow-up. System users can monitor hole quality using as-drilled and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) data and track pattern progress and completion.

Improve process & equipment efficiency

Identify bottlenecks and optimize drilling cycles and resources to meet production targets efficiently. Analyze work sequences for each hole and monitor the time used for drilling and tramming in detail. You can easily compare the operation and performance of drills and shifts, and identify top performers and training opportunities.

The system helps maximise utilization and improve performance by tracking and analysing in-seat operational time against idle time and downtime.

Maximise uptime, plan maintenance &

react to deviations

Stay on track of the equipment’s health without the need to travel to the drill site. My Sandvik Onsite helps maximize uptime by equipment monitoring, enabling prompt reaction to deviations and planning of preventive maintenance based on actual data. It provides insights into major onboard component signal data to reduce troubleshooting time.

The solution also provides alert reports to help you to identify and address recurring issues and plan ahead for maintenance and spare parts needs.

My Sandvik Onsite Brochure

My Sandvik Onsite can be integrated with existing systems for planning, production, maintenance and fleet management.