​We aspire to be the solution partner of choice in our customers' efforts to constantly improve and exceed productivity and performance targets.

To achieve our vision, we have to work in close cooperation with our customers. Only by doing so can we develop the insight and deep understanding necessary to become a true partner. We shall provide solutions, equipment, consumables and services better than any competitor. In doing so, we shall generate a competitive economic return for our stakeholders.

Supplier partner web

Partner web allows us to easily share information with existing suppliers online. Contact your Sandvik representative to set up a secure account.

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Supplier quality assurance manual

In our organization, sourcing operations are a strategic part of the business processes. They shall be performed in an ethically responsible manner and shall also take significant environmental aspects into consideration.

Quality assurance manual here (PDF document, 199 kB)

Supplier code of conduct

Sandvik is committed to the fundamental principles on human rights, labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption throughout our operations. This also includes building sustainable relationships with our suppliers.

Read the Supplier code of conduct here (PDF document, 738 kB)
Read the Supplier code of conduct - Russian here (PDF document, 775 kB)