Digital Trainer - TH

Digital Trainer – TH is a training simulator for Toro™ trucks, TH551i and TH663i. It is tailored to help avoid equipment damage and reduce maintenance costs.

Digital Trainer – TH is a large truck simulator that allows for training well before the actual equipment arrives on site. Training sessions can be individually tailored to each operator.

Digital Trainer - TH

Skills and Confidence

This training simulator allows operators to start training well before the equipment arrives without extra wear and tear on the actual truck and with the most up to date software. It features targeted training with beginner, basic and experienced level exercises as well as targeted training for individuals. Along with regular operation, the trainer can program fault alerts and alarm messages, as well as fire suppression system automatic and manual functionality into a program.

Increased Productivity

Using the simulator before the actual truck allows the operator to practice using the equipment in the safest and most efficient way. This minimizes the chance of disturbances in operation for example, from damage from hitting tunnel walls, component breakdowns and unnecessary stresses due to inefficient operation. The truck itself can stay in operation while trainees practice on the simulator.

Operator comfort with authentic controls

The simulator features premium ergonomics that match Toro™ TH551i & TH663i truck cabins, as well as authentic 5.7” display and clear symbols with all needed information and alarms in on place.

The seat is mounted on a dynamic platform that moves in ways to simulate driving through mine conditions, three large HD displays to create a 3D view of the working area as well as a speaker to simulate engine sounds.

The Digital Trainer - TH features a separate trainer interface with an external display to monitor the operator’s progress while using the simulator. Here, the trainer creates tailored exercises and error situations to be used during training.


  • Training helps to avoid breakdowns and unnecessary damage to the truck, reducing overall maintenance costs and increasing productivity
  • The truck can be used for productive work while the operator is being trained with the simulator
  • A well-trained operator knows how to best utilize the equipment the most efficient way
Key specifications
User interface 5.7" color display
Main displays 3 x 43" HD displays with mounting frames
Simulator computer Windows 11 PC wit powerful 3D graphic board
Product model Toro™ TH551i and TH663i
SimTrainer software language English
Control system display language Available in 17 different languages