Battery-Electric Loaders and Trucks

Sandvik Battery Electric Loaders and Trucks contribute to a cleaner and quieter operator and mining environment without compromising productivity and efficiency.

Sandvik BEVs feature zero underground emissions, produce less noise and heat and does not require the addition of large infrastructure or power systems for your mine. These features also reduce the need for ventilation and combine a compact design with reliability, high breakout forces, responsive controls and high tramming speeds. A high power-to-weight ratios ensure quick cycle times.

LH518B Battery Electric Loader front left view

Sandvik LH518B is the most compact 18 tonne loader on the market, and its driven with battery electric power. Its dimensions are equal to the 14 metric tonne size class, allowing it to fit in a 4,5 m x 4,5 m tunnel. The powerful electric motors, innovative electric driveline and the smaller tyres on the rear compared to the front, result in small size, high payload capacity and increased visibility.

TH550B by Sandvik is a fully battery powered truck and the only battery powered truck for underground mining with a 50 tonne capacity. The truck combines Sandvik’s 50 years of experience in developing loaders and trucks with Artisan’s innovative electric drivelines and battery packs.

The future of underground mining is electric and Sandvik has the battery power. Mobile Charging Stations for Battery Electric Vehicles by Sandvik offer the fastest pit stop on the market. With AutoSwap and AutoConnect, it takes about three minutes. The charging and its cooling units are the same size, allowing for a variety of configurations to fit any mine. This also makes relocation and handling easy and flexible.