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Monitoring loader

At Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions we continuously invest in R&D to develop machines with new added-value features.


Tunneling jumbo's booms in mine

Learn more about our upgrades

With our Upgrades and Engineered solutions we can make these available to your existing equipment through retrofit and upgrade kits.

We offer Upgrade solution in the following areas:
-Safety & environmental improvements
-Productivity improvements
-Lifecycle cost improvements
-Machine application modification

Some example of upgrades are retrofitting integrated weighing systems on
trucks and loaders, adding instrumentation systems to drill rig booms or upgrading rock drills to more powerful models.

My Sandvik

View all upgrades on My Sandvik

Browse through all our upgrade products on our customer portal My Sandvik. There you can filter the products by machines and application area.

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Customer story

Bolting head upgrade gives Sandvik DS300 drills new life at canadian mine

Like-for-like Sandvik Bolting Head (SBH) upgrade at New Afton mine is delivering such a productivity boost a second drill rig is already in line for the treatment.

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