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Sandvik introduces industry’s first ‘opt-out’ carbide recycling

Sandvik is introducing an industry-first ‘opt-out’ recycling program for customers of carbide drill bits. The initiative aims to transform the use of a material expected to run out within 40 to 100 years if consumption rates continue unabated.

Tungsten, a key component in cemented carbide, is a scarce and finite material. Making tools from recycled carbide requires 70 percent less energy and emits 64 percent less CO2. It also reduces nitrous oxide emissions.

Sandvik aims to collect 90 percent of its own used bits by 2025. Other manufacturers’ used bits can also be recycled within the scope of the new initiative.

“Our breakthrough opt-out program supports our customers’ drive to mine more sustainably and demonstrates our commitment to delivering on Sandvik’s ambitious sustainability goals to halve CO2 emissions by 2030,” said Jens Holmberg, President of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions’ Rock Tools division. “We are determined to lead the industry into a new era, fully committed to embed circularity across an essential component of mining.”

The demand for certain minerals is estimated to grow 500 percent by 2050 (Source: World Bank Group, Report, Washington 2020). Recycling of drill bits is an important part of making the mining industry more sustainable. Historically, carbide recycling has faced several challenges. Collection of used products has been limited while carbide extraction has been cumbersome, inefficient and involved hazardous ways of working. The zinc recycling process has not returned the same quality of carbide performance, either.

Sandvik is now able to help customers overcome these challenges through its new opt-out program.

“Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Holmberg said. “We need to transition our industry at an unprecedented speed. Our recycling program is one of many new initiatives you will see from Sandvik’s Rock Tools division moving forward. We are an industry leading supplier in mining globally, and we need to do everything in our power to support and push the industry forward.”

To further underline the importance of cemented carbide recycling, Sandvik is offering its customers an industry first extraction support. This will make it easier, faster and safer to recycle dull drill bits with a new patent pending method that will reduce emissions from transportation with 93 percent.


The launch of the opt-out program coincides with the launch of a new global campaign that address the stresses often associated with recycling. Almost 70 percent of people in the U.S. are worried about climate change, and 51 percent report feeling ”helpless.” Miners are not immune to these stresses and strains.

More people are now addressing their anxiety, stress and mental wellbeing, often with the use of relaxing and soothing online content. This has inspired the ‘Calmness of Recycling’ campaign.

Built around a ‘slow TV’ format, the one-hour relaxing film highlights the benefits of carbide recycling while encouraging everyone to experience the calmness and wellbeing of recycling.

“Our carbide recycling program is not only a good decision for the environment,” Holmberg said. “It also creates a sense of calm about doing the right thing.”

Learn more about our Rock Tools recycling program

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, March 14, 2023

For more information, please contact:
Jens Holmberg
President, Rock Tools Division
Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions
Email: jens.holmberg@sandvik.com

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