What is the worth of a full truck load? Sandvik Integrated Weighing System boosts efficiency

Sandvik solution for optimizing truck loads, the Integrated Weighing System (IWS), supports productivity by offering accurate real-time payload data for load and haul equipment operators. Using the IWS ensures full utilization of the truck’s payload capacity, every cycle.

The Sandvik Integrated Weighing System IWS is an excellent tool for monitoring efficiency, planning operations and improving fleet performance. The IWS enables the truck operator to monitor the truck payload in real time, already at the loading point. During loading, the truck operator can see on the system screen the exact weight of the rock material in the box. Simultaneously, the loader operator is guided with “traffic lights” on top of the truck, indicating if there is still free capacity left, or if the optimal load is reached. These features help to achieve a full truck load every cycle, avoiding under or over load, all resulting in more efficient operations and maintenance benefits. At the other end, the IWS helps to ensure that the box is empty, and thus minimize carry-back. The log files that the IWS creates, can be transferred through My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge BoxTM for further analyses, or extracted into a USB stick.

“Utilizing the full capacity of the truck, every cycle, has an enormous effect on total efficiency of the mine operations. Without the IWS, even a small drop in payload can result in a significant loss of shift production,” says Wayne Scrivens, VP Product Line Load and Haul, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “From the equipment technical point of view, what makes the Sandvik IWS special is that the system is truly integrated into the equipment control system: no need for adding on any wires, sensors or other components; IWS is an integral part of the intelligence,” he continues.

The IWS is an option that is currently available for Sandvik truck models Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH551i, and Sandvik TH663i. Also retrofitting to other models is possible.

Turku, Finland, August 13, 2018

For more information, please contact:
Wayne Scrivens
VP Product Line, Load and Haul
Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology
tel: +358 400 349044
email: wayne.scrivens@sandvik.com

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