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R&D and innovation

Innovation is a cornerstone of our company. Every Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions product is preceded by extensive R&D. Our teams work in close cooperation with customers to develop the right solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

R&D drives development of our future state-of-the-art solutions for mining and rock excavation. Our major R&D focus areas include automated mining solutions that enhance safety, and energy efficiency and alternative energy sources that help reduce operating costs.

Our development center for hard materials investigates the usage of these materials in mining - especially in rock drilling applications – considering factors including manufacturing processes, material properties, behavior during service and new product possibilities. Through proprietary production processes and extensive in-house R&D, we continuously develop new rock tools and cemented carbide grades that improve drilling operations and deliver superior performance and lower costs.

Sandvik Group invests more than 3 billion SEK each year in R&D and quality assurance and more than 2,700 employees are active in this area. The Group operates 60 R&D centers globally and has about 8,000 active patents and other intellectual property rights. A focused and continuous effort to seek, protect and monitor patents is of the utmost importance to safeguard our product portfolio.