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Rock bolt warning

When handling Sandvik rock bolts, be aware of the bolt’s weight and use correct lifting techniques; crates can be stacked to a maximum of four (4) high on compact and level ground, and one (1) high in all other instances.

Use of Sandvik rock bolts may require personnel to enter the machine boom area, always ensure the boom is isolated in accordance with site requirements prior to entering boom operational area and remain clear of all pinch points.

If a Sandvik rock bolt fails to install correctly (complete insertion and stalling rotation of the drifter (set to 350-450 Nm)), a secondary bolt must be installed adjacent to the failed bolt. A protruding partially installed bolt presents a hazard that should be immediately remediated. To ensure ongoing installation quality, routine static pull testing is recommended.

Sandvik rock bolts are offered in a Hot Dip Galvanised coating (in accordance to AS/NZS 4680): however, certain ground conditions may elevate corrosion rates, please be sure to regularly inspect ground support to ensure excessive corrosion is not present.