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Parts and components

Rock drill repair and endurance kits

Rock drill parts

After carefully examining rock drill maintenance, we have bundled key parts into practical kits to standardize maintenance work for various rock drill components.


  • Learn more about rock drill repair and endurance kits

    Available for every generation of Sandvik rock drill, the parts in our endurance kits and repair kits are manufactured from the highest-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and reliability. These genuine OEM parts boast better tolerances in the harshest applications.

    If cost and reliability are your key requirements – then use genuine parts. In a rock drill with 50hz – 60Hz the piston hits the shank >100 million times between services. There can be no compromise without risking to lose performance and reliability.

  • Endurance kits

    Our Rock drill Endurance Kits contain all parts that should be replaced during each standard rock drill service, delivering reliability and extending service intervals.

  • Repair kits

    Our Rock drill Repair kits are customized kits for all functional aspects of rock drill maintenance and faults discovered during inspection.

    Rotation Kit - A reliable kit that ensures alignment and smoothly delivers torque to the bit, efficiently breaking rock.
    Percussion Kit - Minimizes cavitation and maintains frequency and power longer into the service interval.
    Flushing Head Kit - Protects and seals the front of your rock drill.
    Body Kit - Delivers accurate alignment and positioning of key parts, providing high efficiency and performance.
    Stabilizer Kit - Delivers longer durability and productivity.
    Bolt Kit - Contains all bolts used in the rock drill.

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