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DD422i DD422ie Teleremote drilling Technical specification

Teleremote drilling is an advanced and portable drilling control station available for Sandvik DD422i / DD422iE development drills allowing easy and reliable way to control the drilling operation from the remote location providing possibilities to increase both safety and productivity in

DSI Underground

VR Training Solutions Resin Capsules and Injection Chemicals MDX-Bolt Dynamic Anchor Systems

Loading and Hauling

New product launches at MinExpo Sandvik battery electric loaders and trucks The newest in Toro™ family Digital Offering


AutoMine® Underground AutoMine® Surface Drilling OptiMine® Automation Trainings Automation live presentations DAY 3 DAY 2 DAY 1 Customer testimonials Agnico Eagle, LaRonde Zone 5 HECLA, Casa Berardi NORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUM, Lac des Iles Redpath (Glencore), LADY LORETTA NEW

Mechanical cutting

MH621 Hardrock Roadheader Digitalization in Mechanical cutting

Rock Tools

Top Hammer Drilling Tools Down The Hole Drilling Tools Rotary Drilling Tools and Raiseboring Rock Tools Services and Digital Solutions

Underground drilling

New Product Launches Digital Offering Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) range Customer testimonials Byrnecut Digital Driller Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Huangshan High-speed Railway Byrnecut Jundee - DD422i Esan Balya Mine Boldien Tara Mines Agnico Eagle Pinos Altos

Rotary drilling

xSeries DR416i DR412i DR410i

Surface drilling

Leopard™ DI650i Pantera™ DP1600i / Top Hammer XL

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