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Traction control system - Upgrade for loaders

MACHINE MODEL PART NUMBER Sandvik LH517 BG01423956 Sandvik LH517i with readiness BG01573724 Sandvik LH621 BG01225255 Sandvik LH621i with readiness BG01573694 LH517i / LH621i without readiness BG01573731 WANT TO KNOW MORE? To request a quote please contact your sales representative or click here

Charger™ RR450 Rotary Bit

Introducing the next generation in rotary drilling: The Charger™ RR450 rotary drill bit with PowerCarbide™ SH75. Designed to maximize your uptime and put all other bits on the market to the test.
Rotary Charger RR450 Drill Bit

Sandvik completes the acquisition of Tricon

Sandvik has completed the previously announced acquisition of Australian based Tricon Drilling Solutions Pty. Ltd., a supplier of rock tools for the mining industry.

Sandvik and Gold Fields partner to trial BEV technology in Australia

Advanced battery electric vehicles to be put into use in Western Australia in world-leading production study

Heavy Duty Bits

Heavy Duty Bits are our newest collection of top hammer drill bits for the production drilling and quarrying markets. It increases productivity and improves sustainability through longer grinding intervals and extended service life.


The top hammer Autobit is designed to enhance your automated operations in longhole/production drilling. With its long first grinding interval – more than twice that of standard bits – it will last through your entire shift change.


Sandvik DrillConnect is our mobile application for easy synchronization of drill plans and reports to and from the drill rig. Sandvik DrillConnect is a flexible solution that transfers drill plans from your mine design software to the drill via your mobile device.


iSURE® software (Intelligent Sandvik Underground Rock Excavation software) is a computer program for Tunneling Construction and Mining drill and blast process control. It produces all the data you need for an optimized drilling and blasting cycle.

Digital driller™

DIGITAL DRILLER™ has been developed for underground hard rock. It simulates operation of a real rig, using authentic controls combined with the same control system software as the ones on our rigs.

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