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MH621 Technical specification

Sandvik MH621Ex hard-rock miner is a smart, strong and powerful mechanical rock excavation machine. It is an electrically powered and crawler-mounted roadheader that is engineered to excavate tunnels, roadways and galleries as well as caverns, basically any underground and subsurface structures,

Digital trainer LH loader simulator

The Digital Trainer – LH, training simulator for the Toro™ LH517i and Toro™ LH621i loaders, offers an efficient and flexible tool for operator training. The Digital Trainer allows to start practicing loader operation well before the actual loader arrives to the site,

LH515i Technical specification

Increased payload capacity with one more tonne A new compact 15 tonne loader from Sandvik, Toro™ LH515i. Toro™ LH515i from Sandvik is a capable and compact 15 tonne loader for underground mining. As the highest payload capacity loader in its size class, the new Toro™

DT1232i Technical specification

Sandvik DT1232i is fully automated i-series electrohydraulic tunneling jumbo with three booms for fast and accurate drilling in tunneling and cavern excavations.

Mobile charging station Technical specifications

Sandvik offers you the fastest fueling pit stop on the market for battery electric equipment: in Sandvik loaders and trucks, swapping batteries is done without any major infrastructure such as overhead cranes or forklifts, and in just a couple of minutes. When the time for battery change is at

TH550B Technical specification

TH550B utilizes today’s cutting edge battery technology, the Lithium-Iron Phosphate chemistry (LiFePO4 or LFP). The fully battery driven truck produces no underground exhaust emissions and significantly less heat than traditional engines, supporting the mines in reaching

LH514BE Technical specification

The Toro™ LH514BE loader from Sandvik is a unique combination of technology: a conventional electric loader, boosted with a battery. This one-of-a-kind equipment combines the best of two worlds, as it utilizes Sandvik’s decades of experience in designing and building electric

RR240 Air bearing bits

We took the best parts of our three air bearing bits, added new layers of improvements and optimized the designs. This upgraded version includes all the features you need and want from an air bearing drill bit. Taking you to the next level.

Tundo RH650 DTH Hammer

In open-pit mines around the world, large down-the-hole drill rigs are working nonstop 24/7. In this context, the new Tundo™ RH650 DTH hammer pays off quickly, thanks to its highly efficient use of the drill rig’s compressed air.

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