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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Services for surface top hammer and down-the-hole drill rigs provides our customers with peace of mind beyond the standard one-year warranty.
Sandvik Extended warranty image

Expertise On Site

As an Expertise On Site (EOS) customer you get only the best and most qualified Sandvik global experts to improve your mine productivity and safety.
Sandvik expertise on site

WT6000 Truck box lining

New Crushing and Screening website Follow the link to this page on our new site

My Sandvik Productivity

365 My Sandvik Digital Service Solutions help you improve your productivity by delivering accurate, up-to-date data to help you make the right decisions. Through My Sandvik Productivity, you gain access to role-base dashboards that that are aimed at site managers, shift managers, and service

Trainings for crushers and screens

New Crushing and Screening website Follow the link to this page on our new site
Sandvik crushing and screening training

Optitooth jaw plate

New Crushing and Screening website Follow the link to this page on our new site
Sandvik Optitooth jaw plate

Offline filtration units

We engineer every piece of Sandvik equipment for longevity — a life of productive and reliable service. Maintaining peak performance requires a predictive maintenance strategy, and fluid analysis and the right filtration unit will help you avoid contamination that can cause severe system
Sandvik Offline filter caddies

Safety solutions

With a continuing demand from mining companies to emphasize safety, Sandvik is committed to developing safer products and intelligent aftermarket solutions that increase both the safety and productivity of your operations.
Sandvik safety systems

Rock drill upgrades

Productive underground drilling is a crucial component in achieving your production targets and meeting your required advance rates. Even the most efficient drill rig can only deliver so many meters in a shift if it's not coupled with the latest rock drill technology.
Drill rig with standard and customer engineering updgrade

Shark™ Ground engaging tools

Shark TM ground engaging tools (GET) provide the ultimate protection for your bucket, significantly extending life and reducing costly downtime. Specially designed for abrasive underground environments, the Shark TM range enhances the structural strength of buckets produced by Sandvik and

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