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DS312 Rock support drill rig

Sandvik DS312 is a compact and highly versatile rock support drill , with a dedicated screen handler boom , designed for fully mechanized rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections.

Digital trainer - LH

The Digital Trainer – LH is a training simulator for Toro™ family large loaders LH517i and LH621i.

LH518B Battery Electric loader

Sandvik LH518B is the most compact 18 tonne loader on the market, and its driven with battery electric power. Its dimensions are equal to the 14 metric tonne size class, allowing it to fit in a 4,5 m x 4,5 m tunnel. The powerful electric motors, innovative electric driveline and the smaller
LH518B Battery Electric Loader front left view

LH625iE Electric loader

Toro™ LH625iE is an electric loader with a 25 tonne payload capacity. Equipped with an energy efficient, IE4 classified electric motor, the giant loader offers low cost per loaded tonne. With no exhaust emissions, less heat and lower noise levels, the electric motor contributes to
Toro™ LH625iE Electric Loader

DR410i Rotary blasthole drill rig

DR410i 3D animation Compact, powerful and technologically advanced, Sandvik DR410i is designed to deliver unmatched productivity and return on investment for 152-251 mm (6-9 7/8 in) rotary and DTH holes, with a standard mast offering a first pass capability of 10 m or 33 ft and a max depth

AutoMine® Multi-Lite for boom drills

AutoMine® Multi-Lite is an automation system that enables mines to operate multiple drill rigs from a remote control room or alternatively from a trailer or van. The solution not only dramatically improves the working conditions and the immediate safety of the operator, but also keeps

AutoMine® Underground

AutoMine® Underground is an automation system for autonomous and tele-remote operation for a wide range of Sandvik and non-Sandvik underground equipment.

AutoMine® Surface Drilling

AutoMine® Surface Drilling is an automation system for autonomous and tele-remote operation for a wide range of Sandvik iSeries surface drill rigs.

Integrated My Sandvik Productivity

Integrated My Sandvik Productivity provides important equipment health and productivity information in real-time. So you always know the status of your fleet including non-Sandvik equipment.
Optimine™ monitoring

AutoMine® Access API for Loaders and Trucks

Continuing our focus on interoperability, the AutoMine® Access API for Loaders and Trucks gives mines the power to connect non-Sandvik equipment to AutoMine® - Sandvik’s proven automation system.

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