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DR412i Rotary blasthole drill rig

Sandvik DR412i blasthole drill is designed to deliver dependable penetration and return on investment for 203-311 mm (8.0-12.25 in) rotary and DTH holes, with a first pass capability of 12 m or 39.5 ft and a maximum depth of 75.5 m or 247 ft for the standard mast. The extended mast delivers a
Sandvik DR412i Rotary blasthole drill rig

Rotary blasthole drill rigs

With every Sandvik product we engineer, we prioritize safety and reliability, and apply the right technology for each application. Our Sandvik rotary blasthole drills are designed to offer you the highest production rates in large quarries and surface mines.

Leopard™ DI550 Down-the-hole drill rig

Leopard™ DI550 diesel-powered, down-the-hole (DTH) drill has excellent mobility, a smaller footprint and the ability to serve multiple sites. It is a machine trusted by mining and construction companies, and contractors engaged in pre-split and regular production blasthole drilling.
DI550 Down the hole drill rig

Surface down-the-hole drill rigs

Our Sandvik Surface down-the-hole (DTH) drills offer the highest mobility, a smaller footprint and the ability to serve multiple sites. Equipped with powerful down-the-hole hammers, Down The Hole Rigs are designed for high-capacity rock drilling in quarries, opencast mines and rock excavation
Sandvik surface down the hole drill rigs

Commando™ DC120 Surface top hammer drill rig

Commando™ DC120 and DC121R are hydraulic, self-propelled drilling machines on a 4-wheel drive carrier. They are perfect for maneuvering in tight places and tough conditions. The rigs are well suited for foundation drilling, road cutting, trenching, demolition works and dimensional
Sandvik DC120 Surface tophammer drill rig

Commando™ DC130Ri Surface top hammer drill rig

Commando™ DC130Ri is rubber tired compact size top hammer drill rig which includes a large number of upgraded features that guarantee a versatile, highly productive machine combined with intelligence and top-rated mobility. The fully remote-controlled, hydraulic and self-propelled

Dino™ DC410Ri Surface top hammer drill rig

Dino™ DC410Ri top hammer drill rig delivers unrivaled versatility and the largest coverage area in its class. Engineered for easy maintenance and maneuverability in the toughest terrain, the fully remote-controlled drill rig is ideal for construction contractors, quarries and
Dino DC400Ri Surface tophammer drill rig

Ranger™ DQ500 dimensional stone drill rig

Ranger™ DQ500 is a hydraulic, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rig equipped with a cabin, radio remote control and a rod handling system. The Ranger™ DQ500 is designed for pilot hole drilling in dimensional stone quarries. It can also be used in underground
Sandvik DQ550 Dimensional stone drill rig

DQ240R dimensional stone drill rig

Trimmer DQ240R is a hydraulic, excavator mounted line drilling, splitting and squaring unit for dimensional stone quarries.
Sandvik DQ240 Dimensional stone drill rig

DQ440R/ZR dimensional stone drill rig

Trimmer DQ440 and Trimmer DQ440ZR are hydraulic, excavator mounted splitting and trimming units for dimensional stone quarries.
Sandvik DQ440 Dimensional stone drill rig

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