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MC430 Continuous miner

Sandvik MC430 double-pass miner is the ideal choice for room and pillar coal operations, salt and potash mines and other operations that demand the highest cutting force. The miner effectively integrates proven technologies to offer high advance rates under tough mining conditions and in
Sandvik MC430 continuous miner

Bolter miners

Sandvik bolter miners are hydraulically or electrically powered high-capacity machines for safe and efficient roadway excavation and roof bolt installation in underground coal and soft mineral mines.
Sandvik MB670 flp bolter miner

MB650 Bolter miner

Sandvik MB650 is a flameproof-approved (FLP) bolter miner designed for roadway development. It is basically a wide-head continuous miner with special design features for cutting, loading, ground support and face ventilation. Country-specific FLP certifications by various international approval
Sandvik MB650 bolter miner

MB670-1 FLP Bolter miner

Sandvik MB670-1 FLP bolter miner is purpose-built for longwall coal mining.
Sandvik MB670 bolter miner

Mechanical cutting equipment

Our range of mechanical cutting equipment offers effective solutions for a wide range of underground mining and construction applications such as rapid-entry roadway development, demanding production settings without drilling and blasting, as well as boring of ore passes and ventilation shafts.
Sandvik mechanical cutting equipment

MC350 Continuous miner

Sandvik MC350 is a top-performing continuous miner designed for coal and potash mining in applications where space is limited and high cutting power is needed.​
Sandvik MC350 continuous miner

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