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DE142 Compact core drill rig

When you need deeper and larger holes the Sandvik DE142 is your solution. The Sandvik DE142 is for customers that prioritize performance when underground core drilling or require high torque drilling applications.
Sandvik DE142 Compact core drill

DE130 Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE130 is the most cost effective drill in the DE100 series, designed for underground core drilling applications. Through continuous development with our customers, Sandvik have redesigned, modified and improved the Sandvik DE130 over the years to become the versatile model it is today.
Sandvik DE130 Compact core drill rig

DE140 Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE140 is the mid range of our underground core drill rigs. The feed and pull force is 9.4 t and includes an innovative feed system directly coupled to the hydraulic cylinder, this has improved safety by removing feed chains from the feed system.
Sandvik DE140 Compact core drill

Sampling systems

Sandvik offers two equipment series​ for sampling applications: VR series and VM series sampling systems. The two series are intended for the geologist and driller who require the most reliable, flexible and accurate sampling system for grade control and mineral exploration drilling. ​
Sandvik VR sampling system

Multi-purpose exploration drill rigs

Need a single unit that can drill multiple methods? Sandvik DE881 is a powerful, versatile drill efficient in all forms of exploration drilling and boasting an extensive range of standard features and options.

DE881 Multi-purpose exploration drill rig

The Sandvik DE881 is a heavy-duty multipurpose exploration drill rig and is the indrustry benchmark in performance. The DE881 offers more depth capacity in both diamond and reverse drilling when compared to its competitors. It is the most powerful drill rig in the Sandvik range of exploration
Sandvik DE881 Multi-purpose exploration drill rig

DE712 Heavy-duty core drill rig

Sandvik DE712 heavy duty core drill is available in the Tier 3 diesel engine configuration. The series boasts features that improve safety, productivity and reliability.

DE140i Compact core drill rig

Our Sandvik DE140i is the next generation of underground compact core drills, providing greater productivity with the latest control system that controls and monitors all system functions.
Sandvik DE140i Compact core drill

Heavy-duty core drill rigs

The powerful Sandvik DE712 diamond core drill meets demanding surface drilling applications. The drill is designed for shallow and deep hole core drilling and has functionality to drill rotary for shallow casing.

DE110 Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE110 is the most compact member of our DE100 series. Designed as a portable drill for 46 mm (1 ¾ in) or A-size exploration, grade control and grout-hole drilling. Sandvik DE110 is also well-suited for rock or concrete sampling with a maximum hole size of 116 mm (4 ½
Sandvik DE110 Compact core drill

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