Rotary drilling tools

Sandvik Rotary Charger Drill Bit

At Sandvik, we have a wide range of market-leading and high-performing Rotary drilling tools. Whether you need a single bit or a complete drill string, our products got you covered. Let us know your specific conditions and demands - we are here to support your every need and raise the productivity and sustainability of your rotary drilling.


We offer high-performing rotary drilling tools for mining blast holes. With tailored options for different rock types, they aim to maximize your productivity, lower your total drilling costs and increase sustainability. We bring a full rotary assortment that ranges from standard to premium – as sometimes standard does the job, and in other conditions, you need performance and endurance at the highest level.

Despite the tool you choose, our rotary products are designed to drill further and last longer, and they hold a unique combination of strength, hardness, and resilience. Combined with the latest materials technology - such as our exclusive PowerCarbide® inserts - and decades of experience, we are ready to tackle the most challenging applications.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and we put major focus on R&D. This means that we strive to always move forward and keep developing - for ourselves, for you, and for the environment. For example, with our latest premium rotary bit, Charger™ RR450, you can achieve up to 90% increase in bit life compared to other premium sealed bearing bits. Read more about this great innovation here.


  • Advanced manufacturing processes for optimal service life and high performance
  • PowerCarbide® technology for less wear and breakage
  • Sealed journal bearings and industry leading bit load capacity
  • Lower drilling costs and increased sustainability
  • Less downtime and reduced manual handling

Sandvik Rotary Charger Drill Bit

Our range of rotary drill bits includes various designs and advanced materials technology – making it easy to find the right bit for your need. Innovative bearing technology and improved geometry, materials, and machining methods also provide longer bit life and reduced costs.

Sandvik Rotary Bit Sub

Sandvik offers a full range of rotary subs and adapters for any drilling needs.

Sandvik Rotary Stabilizer

There are two different types of stabilizers, the welded and the rotating roller stabilizer.

Sandvik Rotary Deck Bushing

Sandvik deck bushings centralize the drill pipe over the hole, prevent misaligment of the bit and drill string, thereby extending tools life. There are two types of deck bushings; static and rotating.

Sandvik Rotary Drill Pipe

A complete drill string includes at least one drill pipe. Drill pipes are made from joining a pin end tool joint, a mid-body tube and box end tool together.

Shock Absorber RP550

The shock absorber is an important tool in any drilling operation. By greatly reducing shock and vibration, the shock absorber saves the drill rigs rotary head, enhances performance and provides a much smoother drilling operation.


If you have any questions about Sandvik Rotary products - whether it's technical features, application data or you just want to try them out yourself - please contact us. We are always ready to support you!


At Sandvik Rock Tools we are determined to take action when it comes to sustainability. Visit "Our Way Report" to find out more on where we stand in terms of the progress of our sustainability efforts.

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