Rotary drilling tools

Sandvik Rotary Charger Drill Bit

Sandvik has a wide range of rotary drilling tools needed for our customers entire process, offering a complete drill string for rotary applications, Sandvik has the product to meet your specific demands.

Rotary drilling tools

Sandvik offers a full range of productive rotary drilling tools for mining blastholes. Tailored options for different rock types are available to help maximize performance and lower your total drilling costs.


  • Tungsten carbide shapes and grades matched to your conditions for less wear and breakages
  • Sealed journal bearings for industry-leading bit load capacity
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure optimal tool life and performance

Minestories - Every little bit counts

With the rise of coal mining in Indonesia, mining companies and contractors are looking for any edge in a hypercompetitive race to remain productive and efficient.

Minestories - Prime drilling power

A new air bearing design means more operating hours for Sandvik RR321 premium rotary drill bit.

Sandvik Rotary Charger Drill Bit

The Sandvik range of rotary drilling bits includes geometries and cemented carbide grades for different surface and compressive strengths, abrasiveness, massiveness and homogeneity of rock as well as for various penetration rates and capabilities and characteristics of the drill rig. Innovative bearing technology and improved geometry, materials and machining methods provide longer bearing life.

Sandvik Rotary Bit Sub

Sandvik offers a full range of rotary subs and adapters for any drilling needs.

Sandvik Rotary Stabilizer

There are two different types of stabilizers, the welded and the rotating roller stabilizer.

Sandvik Rotary Deck Bushing

Sandvik deck bushings centralize the drill pipe over the hole, prevent misaligment of the bit and drill string, thereby extending tools life. There are two types of deck bushings; static and rotating.

Sandvik Rotary Drill Pipe

A complete drill string includes at least one drill pipe. Drill pipes are made from joining a pin end tool joint, a mid-body tube and box end tool together.

Shock Absorber RP550

The shock absorber is an important tool in any drilling operation. By greatly reducing shock and vibration, the shock absorber saves the drill rigs rotary head, enhances performance and provides a much smoother drilling operation.