OptiMine® Mine Visualizer

OptiMine® Mine Visualizer is a powerful 3D model of your mine
Mine visualization is from Resolute’s Syama mine


OptiMine® Mine Visualizer is a powerful 3D model of your mine and the resources in it, capable of running in a control room, underground or anywhere in the world with any device. This improves situational awareness, as information about the mine can be easily studied and understood at a single glance. Playback functionality allows to view historical recorded data of locations and statuses of all assets and people that were underground during the selected time period.

Evacuation Assistant visualizes an evacuation mode, searching for the nearest safe places underground and providing the visibility of personnel locations. It guides personnel to the nearest rescue chamber depending on their locations and rescue chamber capacities to accommodate people, making sure they were able to reach a rescue chamber safely. It helps to execute evacuation timely and to focus on things that matter the most.


  • Improve situational awareness and productivity
  • Integrate with other OptiMine® operations management tools for even better productivity and profitability
  • Improve efficiency and safety

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