AutoMine® Surface Drilling for rotary drills

Sandvik AutoMine™ Surface Drilling

AutoMine® Surface Drilling for Rotary Drills is an automation system available for Sandvik iSeries drill rigs. It aims to maximize productivity and safety while increasing drilling efficiency. With AutoMine® one operator can control multiple rigs remotely from a safe and comfortable location in line-of-sight or a control room miles away. The solution improves working conditions and safety for the operator and keeps personnel out of hazardous areas.


  • Operator safety: reduced exposure to noise, dust and vibration by removing the operator from the hazardous environment
  • Consistent output: increased efficiency with accurate drilling performance for easier blasting and improved fragmentation
  • Continuous operation: continuous drilling over shift changes and breaks
  • Multi-machine control: one operator for multiple drill-rigs
  • Reduced damage: lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear with automated functions

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