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Safety information sheets (SIS)

Safety Information Sheets (SIS), previously called Product Information Sheets or Product Data Sheets are voluntary undertakings by a producer to inform about the constituents of a product from a health and safety point of view.

A Safety Information Sheet (SIS) is produced for sintered products (blanks and finished products) for customers outside the USA respectively for customers in the USA. The different types of SIS can be found under the respective headings on the bottom of this page.

As grinding of Hardmetal poses an exposure hazard, Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction companies supply the Safety Information Sheet to customers of blanks and of finished products that are supposed to be or may be ground.

Should the national legislation in any country exceed what is described above, for example, if a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is legally required also for articles, it is the responsibility of the sales organization for that country to identify this requirement and to arrange for the preparation and distribution of that sheet.