DS221L Technical specification


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Sandvik DS221L is a rock reinforcement drill rig specialized into mechanized and cement grouted cablebolts installation.

The machine is designed for a nominal gallery height of 2 m (+/- 0.2 m) in underground mines and tunnels. The Sandvik DS221L is able to install cable anchors up to 6 meters length. The drill rig is provided with an on board cement mixer, cement bags platform and cable magazine of 6 cable bolts. The drill rod handling system has a capacity of 8 rods. Hole drilled can be Ø38 mm or Ø48 mm depending on the cable shell. The machine has an ability to drill one hole fully automated (rod adding and removing).

The bolting operation is performed by a single operator located outside of the dangerous area. Once the area underneath the cable is safe thanks to the cable pretensioning, the operator can attach the hose for postgrouting by hand.

As all the Sandvik drill rigs based on the LP carrier family, the Sandvik DS221L is designed for safety. For example, most of the daily and routine checks can be done from the ground.