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WT6000 Rubber wear plates

New Crushing and Screening website Follow the link to this page on our new site
Sandvik WT6000

HX900 Wear segments

New Crushing and Screening website Follow the link to this page on our new site
HX900 bars buttons runners

HX900 Distributor plates

HX900 distributor plates are a unique wear-protection solution that provides lower maintenance and operating costs.
HX900 distributor plates

My Sandvik digital service solutions

Sandvik's digital service solutions cover a wide array of intelligent services that can give a true boost to your productivity. Providing you with vital, accurate data and necessary interactive tools, digital service solutions – such as My Sandvik Insight and My Sandvik Productivity

Ramp up services

Sandvik's ramp-up services program helps you get production up and running in the shortest time. It can add up to five weeks of additional production compared to a "do it alone" approach.

Start-up and relocation services

Quicker start-up means a faster path to profit. Sandvik's complete portfolio of start-up and relocation services helps you get up and running as quickly as possible, cutting out hindrances and adding weeks of additional production time compared to going it alone.
Sandvik Start-up and relocation services

Service agreements

With improved uptime and an increase in both process efficiency, equipment reliability and availability, you can truly count on our partnership throughout the lifecycle of your Sandvik equipment.
Sandvik Service agreements

Service solutions

When you can predict productivity you will predict your profitability. Sandvik 365 Service solutions are about optimizing performance, 365 days a year. They remove risk from your operations with an extended lifetime.
Sandvik service solutions


Machine failures and unexpected breakdowns are costly and – more importantly – can pose serious safety risks. Therefore, addressing potential failure scenarios in a proactive manner is crucial for minimizing downtime and increasing workplace safety. Sandvik can offer different inspection types
Sandvik inspections

Rebuild solutions

Sandvik Rebuild Solutions support your most vital equipment throughout their life cycles.
Sandvik Rebuild solutions

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