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GainIt is an easy “pay as you operate” way to own Sandvik equipment. You pay an agreed monthly fee until the equipment is paid for, then you take over full ownership.

Rock drill price per hour

After carefully examining rock drill maintenance, Sandvik has bundled key parts into practical kits for specific functional tasks. These kits provide everything you need to perform key repairs simultaneously and minimize downtime.
Spare parts for underground drilling

Rock drill solutions

Rock drills are a highly demanding component to design and manufacture. With decades of dedication and engineering work we engineer technology that improves your profitability and simplifies your operation.

Rock drill upgrades

Productive underground drilling is a crucial component in achieving your production targets and meeting your required advance rates. Even the most efficient drill rig can only deliver so many meters in a shift if it's not coupled with the latest rock drill technology.
Drill rig with standard and customer engineering updgrade

Component replace or repair solutions

When you need to repair or replace a vital component, Sandvik offers cost-effective and convenient solutions that help keep your equipment productive 365 days a year.

Booms and Feeds

Sandvik has quick, OEM solutions for worn-out booms and feeds. Replacing or repairing booms and feeds in underground face-drilling rigs should be a straight-forward, reliable process.

Component solutions for underground drills

Sandvik has quick, OEM solutions for major components in your Underground drills, e.g Booms, Feeds, Turrets etc. Replacing or repairing major components should be a straight-forward, reliable process.

Sandvik Turrets

Worn-out or damaged turrets can put your drill bolters out of service for a sustained period. However with our Turrets New for Old solution, we offer a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to deal with worn-out turrets.

Custom rebuilds

Your equipment is inspected by certified specialists, following OEM criteria’s and expertise, that defines the right scope for the specific machine intervention

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