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DT621 Tunneling jumbo

Sandvik DT621 is two-boom electrohydraulic jumbo for fast and accurate tunneling and cavern excavation of 8 - 49 m². The DT621 jumbo is equipped with hydraulic drilling systems and it's available in safety canopy version. Sandvik DT621 jumbo can be used for face drilling, cross-cutting
Sandvik DT621 tunneling jumbo

DS511 Rock support drill rig

Sandvik DS511 is a rock support drill rig offering the widest coverage in the marketplace for large-scale civil engineering, tunneling and underground mining operations. The combination of a BH bolting head and a compact yet powerful rock drill allows the rig to install the longest possible
Sandvik DS511 rock support drill rig

DS411 Rock support drill rig

Sandvik DS411 is a rock reinforcement drill rig engineered to install the most common rock bolt types, in combination with steel wire meshes when required. The rock bolting process is completely mechanized and controlled by a single operator. Thank to the strong and reliable TBR60 boom, this
Sandvik DS411 cable bolter

DS311 Rock support drill rig

Equipped with the new Sandvik Bolting Head (SBH) and the high frequency RD314 drifter, the DS311 is a highly versatile and compact electro-hydraulic rock bolter designed for rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections.

DS421 Cable bolter

Sandvik DS421 is a self-contained cable-bolting rig for rock reinforcement in underground mines and tunnels with small and medium cross sections. The full bolting cycle can be operated by one person working safely under the canopy or in a soundproof, air-conditioned cabin.
Sandvik DS421 cable bolter

DB311 Secondary breaking drill rig

Sandvik DB311 is a versatile secondary breaking unit designed to reduce large boulders and improve the ore flow in mass mining operations. The rig is a self-contained diesel-hydraulic carrier with on-board water tank and large air compressor for air-mist flushing. A robust telescopic boom with
Sandvik DB311 secondary breaking drill rig

DD210 Development drill rig

Sandvik DD210 is a single-boom, electro-hydraulic mining development drill rig engineered for use in tunneling and mining development in cross sections up to 24 square meters. This mining jumbo, with a robust universal boom that offers optimum-shaped coverage, 360-degree rotation and automatic

DL210 Longhole drill rig

Sandvik DL210 is a compact and flexible electro-hydraulic longhole drill rig engineered for production drilling in narrow-vein underground mines. The rig is designed for vertical and inclined plane rings and fans. It is capable of drilling holes with a diameter of 51 to 64 millimeters (2 to 2

DB331 Secondary breaking drill rig

Sandvik DB331 is a mobile drill-and-charge unit with integrated mechanized drilling and explosive charging functions. The rig is based on a self-contained diesel hydraulic platform, with an on-board water tank and large compressor for air-mist flushing. A compact feed and efficient Sandvik

Rock support drill rigs

The Sandvik range of rock support drill rigs is designed for a wide array of hard-rock mining operations, tunneling and civil engineering applications. Thanks to on-board cement mixers, cement bag platforms, and optional cement silos and steel strand reels, the rigs can operate autonomously for
Sandvik DS511 rock support drill rig

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