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LH409E Electric loaders

Sandvik LH409E is an electrically-driven underground loader with a high-productivity tramming capacity of 9.6 metric tons. Zero emissions and low noise enable you to create a cleaner, quieter underground working environment. Reliability, fast bucket filling and rapid cycle times provide high
Sandvik LH409E Electric LHD

TH315 Underground truck

Sandvik TH315 is a compact underground truck with a 15-metric-ton capacity built to offer the flexible mobility necessary in narrow-vein mining conditions. This mining truck carries high payloads for its weight and is maneuverable and quick on inclines.
Sandvik TH315 Underground truck

TH320 Underground truck

Toro™ TH320 is a mining truck with a payload capacity of 20 metric tons designed for small and medium-sized hard rock mines. Despite the relatively high payload capacity, this underground truck has the same overall width as most 15-ton trucks on the market.

TH663i Underground truck

The Toro™ TH 663i truck is designed specifically for underground conditions and combines intelligence, high-productivity and sustainability in one powerful dump truck .
Sandvik TH663i Underground truck

TH430 Underground truck

Sandvik TH430 is an underground mining truck that offers a haulage capacity of 30 metric tons and sets new standards in safety, reliability and productivity. Designed for service efficiency and maximum uptime, this truck is made for medium-sized operations.
Sandvik TH430 Underground truck

TH551i Underground truck

Toro™ TH551i is an intelligent high-productivity 51 tonne underground truck, belonging to Sandvik Toro™ family.
Sandvik TH551i Underground truck

Underground trucks

Sandvik offers a wide range of underground mining trucks, and our models incorporate years of experience in designing safer, stronger and smarter underground machinery. They are rugged, compact and powerful trucks offering payloads from 15 to 63 tons and operate at a low cost per ton. ​
Sandvik underground trucks

LH514 Underground loader

Sandvik LH514 is a compact automation-ready underground loader that has earned a reputation as a preferred loader in the industry. This combination of underground loader and underground hauler offers a 14-metric-ton capacity and excellent operator ergonomics as well as uninterrupted high
Sandvik LH514 Underground loader

LH410 Underground loader

With its 10 tonne payload capacity, Toro™ LH410 from Sandvik offers best in class production performance and superior lift height for easy truck loading.
Sandvik LH410 advanced underground loader

Underground loaders

Sandvik offers a wide range of LHD equipment, and our models incorporate years of experience in designing safer, stronger and smarter underground machinery.
Sandvik LH517i Underground LHD

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