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LS190S Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Sandvik LS190s is our heavy-duty underground utility vehicle with a increased capacity of 12 tonnes. This LHD can be used in conjunction with our 57-tonne hydraulic assist roof support trailer for relocating larger longwall equipment.​ The compact design gives a small turning radius and ease of
Sandvik LS190S Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Underground flameproof loaders and haulers

Sandvik's underground flameproof coal scoops, tracked mining loaders, coal haulers, shield haulers and face-transfer auxiliaries are engineered to increase flexibility, raise productivity and reduce costs in coal loading and hauling applications. ​
Sandvik LS312 Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Flameproof underground utility vehicles

When your mine layout or mining method calls for the flexibility and versatility of rubber-tired vehicles, Sandvik flameproof underground LHD utility vehicles are your low-profile, high-capacity solution. These utility vehicles and Sandvik QDS attachments provide an efficient and safe solution
Sandvik flameproof underground utility vehicles

LH203 Underground loader

Sandvik LH203 is a compact and lightweight narrow-vein loader designed for underground mining. It features a tramming capacity of 3.5 metric tons and a best-in-class payload-to-own-weight ratio.
Sandvik LH203 underground loader

LH307 Underground loader

​​​​​Sandvik LH307 is an underground LHD that features a tramming capacity of 6.7 metric tons and our latest LHD technology to provide maximum performance in the toughest underground applications.
Sandvik LH307 Narrow vein LHD

LH208L Low-profile loader

Sandvik LH208L is a 7.7-metric-ton capacity underground and low-profile loader built for underground loading and hauling . Sandvik LH208L is designed both for production and development applications in low-profile room-and-pillar mines and extra-low-profile reef mines.
Sandvik LH208L Low Profile LHD

LH209L Low-profile loader

Sandvik LH209L is a low-profile loader designed to perform in underground loading and hauling operations with limited heights. It features a tramming capacity of 9.6 metric tons. ​
Sandvik LH209L Low Profile LHD

Low-Profile loaders

Sandvik low profile products are uniquely designed for underground mining operations with limited heights, such as low-profile room and pillar mining.
Sandvik Low profile underground loaders

Electric loaders

Sandvik's line of electric-powered LHDs enables you to realize the environmental and economic benefits of electric loading without sacrificing productivity. Create a cleaner, safer and quieter environment in your mine.
LH518B battery electric loader back left

TH315 Underground truck

Sandvik TH315 is a compact underground truck with a 15-metric-ton capacity built to offer the flexible mobility necessary in narrow-vein mining conditions. This mining truck carries high payloads for its weight and is maneuverable and quick on inclines.
Sandvik TH315 Underground truck

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