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Top hammer drill bits

Our Top Hammer drill bits are truly versatile and designed to meet your high demands. We have added features that empower automation, provide higher penetration rates and straighter holes. Many of the bits are also equipped with our most advanced materials technology: the PowerCarbide TM
Sandvik Top Hammer Heavy Duty Bits

RH510 Down-the-hole hammer

Sandvik RH510 is a down-the-hole (DTH) hammer engineered for high penetration rates and maximum productivity. This hammer for high performance is the first choice for drilling hard and abrasive rocks. It features a patented shank design for optimized energy efficiency, and no foot valve. Models
Sandvik DTH RH510 Hammer

RH460 Down-the-hole hammer

Sandvik RH460 hammer has been developed with a focus on improving reliability and economy through cutting air consumption, increasing power and improving lubrication. It gives higher impact energy with lower levels of air consumption, giving high productivity in variable ground conditions.
Sandvik DTH RH460 Hammer

Tubex overburden system

When simultaneously drilling and casing through loose overburden materials, our Tubex system gives you great results. Tubex is a cost-efficient system that leaves less material behind in the hole.
Sandvik DTH Tubex System

Down-the-hole bits

Our DTH drill bits are designed to make your operations easier - whatever ground conditions. They are also equipped with our PowerCarbide TM inserts, which provide superior life and enhanced drilling productivity.
Sandvik DTH Bit

Down-the-hole hammers

Our ​​​​​​​​​​​​range of DTH hammers transmit intensive impact power, with low energy loss and reduced fuel consumption. Truly important features in sustainable operations. If you are looking for good rock breakage, high penetration rates, long service life and optimized productivity, we have
Sandvik Tundo RH650 Hammer

Down-the-hole drilling tools

For efficient down-the-hole (DTH) drilling, Sandvik offers high performance drilling tools to increase your productivity, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and lower your total operation cost. We develop tools in close cooperation with our customers to maximize performance and optimize user
Sandvik DTH Tundo RH650 Hammer

Rock tools

Sandvik offers a complete range of rock tools for bench drilling, raise boring, coal and mineral cutting, tunneling, trenching, road grading and cold planing.

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