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Top hammer integral drill steel (IDS)

Integral drill steels are crucial for peak productivity in all applications. Our drill steel has high fatigue strength and toughness – offering excellent wear resistance and ensuring an efficient and economic drilling operation. When you partner with Sandvik, you can expect consistently high
Sandvik Top Hammer Integral Steel

Top hammer rods

Our Top Hammer drill rods are manufactured from alloy, high-strength, and 100% recycled steel, and you find them in hexagonal and round configurations. Developed and designed to give you straighter holes with less deviation and longer service life, we focus on increasing your overall
Sandvik Top Hammer Rods

+Range Top hammer drilling rod

Sandvik +Range is a bench drilling tool system for top-hammer drill rigs that offers long service life, high penetration rates and excellent hole straightness. These tough rock tools can sustain maximal impact forces from the most powerful hydraulic hammers while always optimizing energy
Sandvik GT60+ top hammer drilling rod

Carbide recycling

The global shortage of raw materials inspired our unique carbide recycling program - an initiative that addresses today’s increasing environmental concerns while also benefiting your bottom line.
Sandvik Carbide Recycling Program

Grinding equipment

Sandvik has years of experience of grinding and combined with our deep knowlegde of various drill bits and rock conditions, we transfer these insigths into real business advantages. Our product range work perfectly within Top Hammer, Down-The-Hole, integral steels, as well as cross and X-bits.
RG600 Grinding Close Up

Rotary drill pipes

A complete drill string includes at least one drill pipe. Drill pipes are made from joining a pin end tool joint, a mid-body tube and box end tool together.
Sandvik Rotary Drill Pipe

Charger™ RR440 Rotary Bit

Sandvik RR440, known as the Charger ™, revolutionizes the global mining market. A sealed journal bearing blasthole bit designed for surface mining. With up to 169% longer lifetime than standard air bits and lower cost per meter we can offer a rotary bit that will pay off in the long run. Add to
Rotary RR440 Drill Bit

Rotary drilling tools

We have a wide range of Rotary drilling tools - suitable for your entire drilling process and ready to meet your specific demands. We also offer complete rotary drill string kits for all applications.
Sandvik Rotary Charger Drill Bit

Top hammer shank adapters

While every component in a drill string is crucial, the shank adapter must be engineered to withstand extreme stress, as it sits between the rod and the drill bit. With endurance and dependability, it transmits extensive impact power from the rock-drill piston, as well as rotation torque, into
Sandvik Top Hammer Shanks

Top hammer drilling tools

Our Top Hammer drilling tools are designed to transmit intensive impact power, with the least possible loss of energy. The result is good rock breakage, high penetration rates, enhanced productivity, and lower costs - important features in all your top hammer operations.
Sandvik Top Hammer

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