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DL311D Technical specification

Sandvik DS311D is a one-man-operated electrohydraulic rock bolter for rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections.

Terms and Conditions of Supply

Find Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Terms and Conditions of Supply, Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Digital Terms, Standard Warranty and Rebuild Warranty.
Sandvik Warranty Terms

Rotary drilling tools

Sandvik have a wide range of rotary drilling tools needed for our customers entire process, offering a complete drill string for rotary applications, Sandvik has the product to meet your specific demands.

Down-the-hole drilling tools

For efficient down-the-hole (DTH) drilling, Sandvik offers high performance drilling tools to increase your productivity and reduce your total operation cost. Sandvik develops tools in close cooperation with the customers to maximize performance and optimize user experience.

Top Hammer drilling tools

Sandvik rock tools for top hammer drilling are designed to transmit intensive impact energy into the rock with the least possible loss of energy. The result is good rock breakage, high penetration rates and high productivity. Along with optimal hole quality, great reliability and long service

TH330 Technical specification

Sandvik TH330 is a narrow 30 metric tonne truck that fits in a 3 x 3 metre heading. Available with a standard forward facing, open operator compartment or an optional forward facing, fully enclosed and air conditioned cabin, Sandvik TH330 offers superior comfort without compromising visibilty.

LS312 Technical specification

Our upgraded Sandvik LS312 flameproof underground loader is an enhanced 12 tonne high-capacity and heavy-duty loader powered by the C7.1 mechanical engine with Tier II emission standards.

RD535 Technical specification

Sandvik RD535 hydraulic rock drill is designed for face drilling on Sandvik tunneling jumbos. It is also suitable for bolt hole, exploration and injection hole drilling.

RDX5 Technical specification

Sandvik RDX5 is a robust rock drill for heavy duty rock drilling. It is designed for face and long hole drilling, also used in rock bolting. Sandvik RDX5 is designed to perform even in the harshest conditions.

Commando™ DC300Ri T3 Technical specification

Commando™ DC300Ri is a hydraulic, self-propelled surface drilling unit on a 4-wheel, oscillated drive carrier, with full radio remote control.

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