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Productivity services

Productivity today With decreasing ore grades and fluctuating commodity prices, the mining industry constantly throws up new challenges. In today’s reality, finding ways to become more productive is a priority for any operation, and improving productivity is an opportunity for competitive


On-site evaluation Process Audits examine your entire plant or mine in search of inefficiencies and productivity shortfalls. They are undertaken by a team of Sandvik experts during a site visit of between one and four days depending on the size of your facility. All your machinery will be

Advisory services

Availability experts Advisory Services is a program designed to maximize the availability of your crushing and screening equipment. Sandvik’s engineers achieve this by identifying, prioritizing and correcting problems before they can impact on productivity or even health and safety. To be able

How Sandvik condition inspections deliver reliability

Periodic inspections Sandvik organize their service agreements in a step-wise structure, according to the inspection frequency. The key benefit of this approach is that it makes it easy to find a level of service that works for you and your operations. Here’s an illustration of the different

Protecting your production with extended warranty

Extended Warranty – A step up With Sandvik’s Extended Warranty agreement, you get all the reliability improvements of the Condition Inspections agreement, as well as additional protection over the entire lifecycle of your crushing and screening plant. The benefits of Condition Inspections

Periodic inspections

Our inspection levels As outlined below, each inspection level dives deeper into your equipment to discover potential issues related to reliability and safety. Sandvik works alongside our customers to make sure that downtime is minimized, for example, by scheduling inspections during planned

The importance of periodic condition inspections

Safety Nothing is more important to Sandvik than the safety of the people who use our products. Fortunately, we operate in an era when our customers share our vision of eliminating workplace injuries and health problems. The demand from mining companies to protect their workforce, mirrors our

Service agreements – what and why

Knowledge and Experience With Sandvik’s service agreements, you are assured support from experts with dedicated knowledge and experience in Sandvik machinery. As original equipment manufacturers, our understanding of your machinery’s performance and potential is unmatched. Our deep knowledge of

Maintenance and Support

Crushers are tough machines by design, but even the toughest among us needs some attention. Get some advice on maintaining your crushing and screening equipment, including information about service agreements, spare part management and performance audits.

Changing wear parts with Sandlock™

Sandlock™ lifting tools A safer and quicker approach is to use a Sandlock lifting tool. These are CE-marked and specifically designed for Sandvik mantles and concaves for CH crushers.. They are faster because they clamp directly on the concave or mantle, removing the need for welding (which

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