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Advisory services

No-one can see into the future with perfect accuracy, but Sandvik’s global experts often come close. By regularly analyzing your crushing and screening equipment – as well as your operational and maintenance trends and your supplies of wear and spare parts – Sandvik


Do you ever feel that you are not getting the best from your crushing and screening operation? You may be right, but it can be difficult to identify which processes are under-performing. It can be even harder when you are very familiar with your plant. The solution is to have your plant assessed

Productivity services

You could see an increase in productivity of up to 10% with Sandvik’s Productivity Services. Ensure consistent, high-volume performance and get more of your desired end-product by continuously optimizing all your crushing equipment parameters.

Protecting your production with extended warranty

During this extended period of market volatility, controlling costs and protecting operational efficiency are more important than ever. As we’ve discussed previously, the Condition Inspections agreement [link] improves the reliability of your crushers, but with tough market conditions

How Sandvik condition inspections deliver reliability

It’s crucial, of course, that you keep a close eye on your most important assets. You and your team understand your crushing equipment deeply because you work with it every day, but there’s an extra level of knowledge that only Sandvik qualified engineers can deliver.

Service agreements – what and why

When it comes to protecting and servicing your crushing and screening plant, it pays to be prepared. By looking ahead and anticipating your needs, you put yourself in control of your machinery, and avoid unplanned shutdowns and unexpected costs. Service agreements are the proactive way of

Periodic inspections

Sandvik makes time-efficient inspections at specified intervals in order to maximize safety and reliability, but also to minimize disruption. The frequency of inspections depends on your service agreement, but regardless of which option you choose you are assured of expert advice from Sandvik

The importance of periodic condition inspections

Periodic inspections are central to any maintenance program, and are vital to a well-functioning, productive and profitable operation. Machine failures and unexpected breakdowns are costly, disruptive and – most importantly – can pose serious safety risks. Therefore,

Maintenance and Support

Crushers are tough machines by design, but even the toughest among us needs some attention. Get some advice on maintaining your crushing and screening equipment, including information about service agreements, spare part management and performance audits.

Changing wear parts with Sandlock™

Replacing mantles and concaves can be challenging and time consuming. A common approach would be to weld attachment points, or ‘lugs’, onto the part to be moved. A lifting chain can be attached to the lugs, and a crane used to lift the wear part in or out of the cone crusher.

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