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Higher productivity

Thanks to new Sandvik high frequency RD414 rock drill and new SICA control system, the overall productivity of the DS422i is increased by 25%. Boom positioning is faster and more accurate with a new boom manipulator mode feature. All drilling module and boom movements can be optimized to reach

Safer working environment

In addition to the option for teleremote operation, greatly increasing operational safety, the DL432i is packed with several features that provide safer and more comfortable environment working conditions.

Intelligence and automation

Scalable automation features and intelligent, intuitive controls make the DL432i easy to operate. Minimizing the possibilities of manual errors and improving drilling accuracy, the DL432i will give a significant boost to your productivity.

Maximized productivity

Sandvik DL432i is our first fully automatic and digitalized longhole drill. It is engineered to maximize ore recovery and minimize dilution with drilling of production or service support holes accurately and according to the plan.


Delivering solutions that fulfill and surpass expectations is a result of true cooperation. By listening closely to the sounds from the industry, we have been able to supply the mining industry with the best machines and services for decades. You asked for more efficient cable bolting – we


SANDVIK RR330 SERIES ROTARY BIT WE MANAGED TO CREATE NEW LIFE. AT LEAST UP TO 45 PERCENT LONGER BIT LIFE. Sandvik RR330 revitalizes the global mining and drilling industry. With up to 45% longer bit life, the RR330 outlives comparable drillbits on the global market. Extended life is combined


Engineered for the future Controlled excellence Intuitive optimization with iSure Increasing productivity through automation Learn more about the Sandvik i-Series DD422iE Development drill DD422i Development drill rig DT1331i Tunneling jumbo DT1231i Tunneling jumbo DT1131i Tunneling jumbo


Why RH560? THE GREATEST PERFORMER YET Up to 15 % increase in penetration rate <div class="section-intro-image-image"> <img src="/globalassets/campaigns/rh560/images/sandvik-du412i.jpg" /> </div> Great Start With Smooth Collaring <div class="section-intro-image-image">

Eclipse Fire suppression

Instant fire suppression Eclipse is a premium fire suppression system with fully automated activation and engine shut-down. The system does not rely on any charged canisters or electrical input for activation, making it a more efficient method for improving safety and re-ducing the risk of

Ranger™ DXi drill rig

Superiority, safe and sound 290° Reach – 55 M2 drilling coverage All the Ranger™ DXi series top hammer surface drill rigs feature a revolving superstructure. Thanks to its 290-degree reach enabling drilling coverage of 55 square meters, you'll save time and minimize the need to reposition
Ranger DXi drill rig

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