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Digital trainer - LH

The Digital Trainer – LH is a training simulator for Toro™ family large loaders LH517i and LH621i. Our loader simulator, the Digital Trainer – LH, is an efficient and flexible tool for operator training, improving overall training efficiency. Individually tailored training sessions benefit the

LH518B Battery electric loader

Sandvik LH518B Sandvik LH518B is the most compact 18 tonne loader on the market, and its driven with battery electric power. Its dimensions are equal to the 14 metric tonne size class, allowing it to fit in a 4,5 m x 4,5 m tunnel. The powerful electric motors, innovative electric driveline and

LH625iE Electric loader

Toro™ LH625iE Electric loader Toro™ LH625::i::E Toro™ LH625iE is an electric loader with a 25 tonne payload capacity. Equipped with an energy efficient, IE4 classified electric motor, the giant loader offers low cost per loaded tonne. With no exhaust emissions, less heat and lower noise levels,
Toro™ LH625iE Electric Loader

TH330 Underground truck

Sandvik TH330 narrow 30 metric tonne truck Sandvik TH330 Sandvik TH330 is a narrow 30 metric tonne truck that fits in a 3 x 3 meter heading. Available with a standard forward facing, open operator’s compartment or an optional forward facing, fully enclosed and air conditioned cabin, Sandvik

LS312 Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Sandvik LS312, a new 12-tonne capacity, heavy-duty flameproof underground loader is powered by a C7.1 mechanical engine with Tier 2 emission standards and integrated exhaust aftertreatment systems, reducing personnel exposure to harmful diesel emissions. Significant improvements have also been

LH621i Underground loader

Toro™ LH621::i:: Toro™ LH621i is an intelligent and efficient 21 tonne underground loader, belonging to Sandvik Toro™ family. Safer. Stronger. Smarter. The Toro™ LH621i loader is engineered for rapid mine development and large-scale underground production. With superior hydraulic power for fast
Sandvik LH621i Loader

TH430L Underground truck

Sandvik TH430L Sandvik TH430L is an underground mining truck for low profile applications, fitting in a 4 x 2 m envelope and offering a haulage capacity of 30 tonnes. Our Sandvik TH430L is an ideal choice for ramp or level production haulage in medium sized low-profile mines, and for mine
Sandvik TH430L Underground truck

LH517i Underground loader

Toro™ LH517::i:: Toro™ LH517i is an intelligent and efficient 17 tonne underground loader, belonging to Sandvik Toro™ family. Safer. Stronger. Smarter. The Toro™ LH517i loader provides superior hydraulic power for fast bucket filling. The drivetrain power enables high-speed tramming and
Sandvik LH517i advanced underground LHD

LH115L Low-profile loader

Sandvik LH115L Sandvik LH115L is a low-profile loader designed to perform in underground loading and hauling operations with limited heights. It features a tramming capacity of 5.5 metric tons. Our Sandvik LH115L builds on the proven base of its predecessor, but is enhanced with modern safety
Sandvik LH115L Low profile LHD

TH545i Underground truck

Sandvik TH540 Underground Truck Built For The Toughest Conditions Sandvik TH545::i:: Sandvik TH545i is a high performance 45 tonne articulated underground dump truck for use in 4.5 x 4.5 meter haulage ways. The truck’s performance is based on proven design, high engine power and high payload
Sandvik TH545i Underground truck

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