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DL2711 Longhole drill rig

This top hammer longhole drill is fully mechanized and compact with an electro-hydraulic top hammer designed for underground mining in 3.2 x 3.2 meter or larger production drifts. It is capable of drilling vertical and inclined fans and single or parallel diameter 64 – 89 mm longholes up to 38

DS512i Rock support drill

DS512::i:: Rock support drill Sandvik DS512i is a bolter for 5m x 5m size headings combining a safe, ergonomic working environment with high levels of performance. Equipped with a completely new carrier, high frequency rock drill, the control system and an ergonomic cabin, the DS512i offers

DT1132i Tunneling jumbo

DT1132::i:: Tunneling jumbo Sandvik DT1132i is a fully automated i-series tunneling jumbo with three electro-hydraulic booms for fast and accurate drilling in tunneling and cavern excavations​​. It has automatic drilling functions and boom positioning​, ​​ equipped the new high frequency rock

DD320S Development drill rig

Sandvik DD320S is a compact two-boom drilling jumbo designed to operate in demanding underground conditions working in various drilling applications. This jumbo is capable of face drilling, cross-cut drilling and bolt hole drilling making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. The B26XLSF boom


::i::Sure® 8.0 iSURE® 8.0 software (Intelligent Sandvik Underground Rock Excavation software) is a computer program for tunneling construction and mining drill and blast process control. It produces all the data you need for an optimized drilling and blasting cycle. Drill and blast

Underground digital offering

We provide innovative solutions to get the maximum benefits of your equipment. We are offering software & tools to support your daily challenges to optimize team and equipment performances while ensuring highest safety levels. We provide innovative solutions to get the maximum benefits of

Digital driller™

Digital driller™ is a compact and flexible solution to safely train operators or maintenance teams on our DD422i-iE, DS422i, DL421, DL432i and DT922i drills. Thanks to its compact and small size, its transportation case equipped with wheels, the simulator can easily be carried by a single

DS422i Cable bolter

DS422::i:: Cable bolter Sandvik DS422i is a rock support drill specialized for cement grouted cable-bolt installation in underground mines and tunnels. The bolter can install up to 25-meter-long cable bolts with several steel strands per hole.Sandvik DS422i is provided with an on board

DL432i Longhole drill rig

DL432::i:: Longhole drill rig Sandvik DL432i is a fully-mechanized, highly versatile and compact electro-hydraulic top hammer longhole drill. It is designed for underground mass mining in 3.2 x 3.2 meters or larger production drifts. The DL432i is capable of drilling vertical and inclined fans

Narrow vein drill rigs

Sandvik offers a wide range of narrow vein and small size underground drills matching very well both narrow vein drifts and small tunnels projects. Our drilling rigs are designed to extract ore economically and to control the dilution when ore is distributed in narrow veins typically less than 2
Narrow vein drill rig

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