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Conical and Radial Picks

Sandvik offers a wide selection of advanced conical mining tools that can effectively match your application.
Sandvik Conical and Radial Picks

System 2000

Our Sandvik System 2000 for motor graders, designed to handle a variety of applications.
Sandvik Cutting System 2000

Extension Rods

Sandvik hexagonal or round extension rods are suitable for most hand held bolting rigs​, bolter miner and mobile drill rig machines.

Direct Drive Drilling Systems

Sandvik Direct Drive Drilling System is far superior to conventional MF extension drilling systems for four main reasons: it’s safer, faster, easier and smarter.
Sandvik Cutting Direct Drive Drilling

Drill Bits

Sandvik drill bits for underground coal mining use unique carbide grades developed through years of experience and testing.
Sandvik Cutting Drill Bits


We supply a range of highly energy-efficient and productive point-attack cutting tools, suitable for both civil and mining applications. Combining tool design, high-grade alloy steel and premium grades ensure that we meet your performance demands.
Sandvik Cutting Tools

Drilling Tools

Sandvik offers a range of drilling consumables for use in underground coal and similar mining applications.
Sandvik Cutting Drill Bits

Single Pass Drill Rods

Sandvik drill rods are manufactured from premium, high-strength, alloy steel and are available in either hexagonal or round configurations.
Sandvik Cutting Single Pass Rods


Sandvik PowerCarbide™ grades represent our most advanced materials technology and they optimize any drilling application by significantly enhancing both drilling performance and cost-effectiveness.

Rock Tools Services

In addition to supplying your operation with a premium brand of rock tools, our range of added services and digital solutions support your drilling operations. Every day – all year round.

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