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Dynamic X Rock Plate

The new X-Plate from Sandvik is specifically developed to offer cutting-edge ground support in seismic ground conditions, and to complement the MDX bolts.
Sandvik Rock Plates

RR240 Air Bearing Rotary Bit

We took the best parts of our three air bearing bits, added new layers of improvements and optimized the designs. This upgraded version includes all the features you need and want from an air bearing drill bit. Taking you to the next level.

Product Support

Sandvik offers Pull Testing as a service to ensure the ongoing successful operation of your ground support.

Rock Plates

Sandvik has a comprehensive range of rock plates.
Sandvik Rock Plates

Rock bolts

Our mechanical dynamic bolting system is faster and easier to install than conventional grouted rock bolts and provides improved ground support: the ideal solution for controlling the forces of nature and stabilizing your drilling operations.
Sandvik MD and MDX Rock Bolts

Dynamic Rock Bolts

Our MD/MDX bolts are designed for underground hard rock mines.
Sandvik Dynamic Rock Bolts


Sandvik has a comprehensive range of ground support accessories, designed to work with bolting and strata support tools.
Sandvik Rock Bolt Accessories

On Site Dynamic Drop Testing

Drop testing rock bolts is a service that Sandvik can provide for you to prove the capabilities of the ground support products in the mines real life rock conditions.
Sandvik Rock Bolts On Site Drop Testing

Blocks and Sleeves

Sandvik's heavy-duty blocks with back support offer you a footprint for maximum retention as well as locator holes for easy alignment.
Sandvik Block and Sleeves

Cutting Tools

Sandvik supplies a range of highly energy-efficient and productive Point-attack rock cutting tools, suitable for civil and mining applications.
Sandvik Cutting Picks

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