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Strata support products

Our MD/MDX bolts are designed for underground hard rock mines. They are specifically designed for weaker rock conditions and dynamic loads and is quick and easy to install with both Jumbo and Rock bolters. Setting the new benchmark for ground support for seismic ground conditions, it is

Rock tools services

In addition to supplying your operation with the premium brand of rock tools, our range of added services and digital solutions support your drilling operations, everyday – all year round. And we can also take full responsibility for the supply and life cycle management of your tools with

RH560 Down-the-hole-hammers

The all-new RH560 DTH hammer has been developed to be a robust and reliable addition to your surface mining and long-haul production drilling operations. It helps you drill faster and lower your drilling cost per hole.

Top center bit

Sandvik has released a new generation of drill bits, featuring a revolutionary design and a new carbide grade and providing up to 80% longer grinding interval and 60% longer bit life compared with the previous current design.
Sandvik top centre bit

Sandvik carbides

XT48 is our basic cemented carbide grade used for most drilling conditions. As a result, this should be your first choice, especially for drilling in rock which has unknown properties. A spherical insert made of XT48 grade has a toughness/wear resistance ratio optimized to withstand both high

Alpha 330 top hammer drilling tools

Today’s rock drills generate almost unlimited impact power. We need to control that power and, most importantly, ensure that it is transmitted into the rock as efficiently, accurately and economically possible. That is the job of the rock drilling tools, which is why we continue to develop the
Sandvik top hammer drilling tools

Raise boring drilling tools

Rhino™ raise boring machines provide advanced solutions for all conventional raise boring, downreaming and box holing needs. Inclined, vertical and horizontal shafts are all possible.
Sandvik Raiseboring cutter with saddle

RR222 Rotary drilling tool bit

Through superior air flow and wear protection Sandvik RR222 will keep on working 20% longer than our previous version, RR221. Part of the upgrade has been the development of the new X05 cutting structure, delivering market leading penetration rates and bit life. New is also the MT-1, a
Sandvik RR222 Rotary drilling tool

Down-the-hole drilling pipes

Sandvik offer a line of drill pipes which provides you with a great degree of compatibility between rigs and tools.
Sandvik DTH drilling pipe

System 2000

Our Sandvik System 2000 for motor graders, designed to handle a variety of applications, such as gravel reclamation, gravel maintenance, oil road reclamation, asphalt planing, ice and snow removal, removal of potholes and washboards on dirt and gravel roads.

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