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Curved thread CT55 and CT67

The unique and innovative curved thread systems CT55 and CT67, for surface mining and quarrying, are designed to handle higher drilling power compared to standard systems. The curved profile of the thread reduces stress levels in all the right places and every corner of the product is optimized

Sandvik Alpha™ 340

Sandvik Alpha™ 340 is part of the latest development based on our unique and best-selling Sandvik Alpha™ system. Replacing the proven Sandvik Alpha™ 330 thread system, this new concept delivers up to 30% longer service life – leading to significantly increased productivity and lower cost per

xCell Cyclops™ System

As underground mines are getting deeper and ground conditions more complex to manage, we see a greater need for well-functioning convergence monitoring methods and ground support analysis. With the new Sandvik xCell Cyclops™ convergence system, we now offer you an easy, remote, and instant way

Raise Boring - A Customer Success Story

Recently, Sandvik and our customer Cementation Americas joined forces to achieve one of the largest raise’s completed in the Northern Hemisphere ever: a massive raise boring shaft, 7.965 meters in diameter. It proved to be a successful and zero-harm project taking place at the Solvay Soda Ash

RP550 Shock Absorber

With Sandvik RP550 Shock Absorber, your Rotary or Down-The-Hole drilling tools will have longer service life, lower cost per meter and - thanks to the new design features - greatly improved safety.

LT90 Rock Tools

LT90 rock tools are part of the innovative Top Hammer XL system - optimized to seamlessly work together to expand the limits in your Top Hammer operations and give you exceptional drilling results.

Speedy Bit

Speedybit 3D animation When speed is what you are looking, we have the solution. Speedy Bit is faster than any other bit in the industry, while also delivering great collaring accuracy and hole quality.

Dynamic Rock Bolts

Our MD/MDX bolts are designed for underground hard rock mines.
Sandvik Dynamic Rock Bolts

RS410 Raise Boring Cutter

RS410 is the new raiseboring cutter from Sandvik. With updated features it brings a longer service life - increasing the efficiency of your raisebore drilling and offering a safer work setting for your operators.

Sandvik Alpha™ 360

Sandvik Alpha™ 360 is the latest development based on our unique and best-selling Sandvik Alpha™ system. With a strong and robust design, it can last twice as long as an industry standard solution - in a wide range of drilling conditions.

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