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RD1840C Rock drill

RD1840C rock drill is designed for large hole drilling of Ø 140…178 mm (5½”…7”) holes with high 49 kW drilling power. Its robust design and well-balanced long piston percussion package are made especially for demanding circumstances.

RD535 Rock drill

Sandvik RD535 is a new high frequency rock drill from Sandvik. It is designed for high speed drilling in tunneling application. Its excellent power transfer capabilities enable higher penetration with lower energy usage.
Sandvik RD535 Rock drill

RDX5 Rock drill

Sandvik RDX5 is a new robust rock drill. It is designed to offer outstanding reliability in face and long hole drilling as well as in rock bolting. The new Sandvik RDX5 will replace the existing Sandvik HLX5 rock drill. Sandvik RDX5 rock drill is designed to honor its predecessor by exceeding


RockPulse™ utilizes ground breaking sensor technology and gives you visibility inside the rock while you drill. The system analyzes the efficiency and quality of your drilling, suggesting adjustments to your feed, pressure and bit.
Sandvik RockPulse™ drilling sensor technology

RD900 series rock drills

Our new Sandvik RD900 series is the most powerful rock drill family in its class, currently sold with Ranger DX800i and Ranger DX900i. It offers three rock drill sizes (921/925/927) with hole ranges from 64mm up to 140mm. The RD900 series is heavy-duty hydraulic rock drill series designed for
Sandvik RD900 rock drill

H200 Rock drill

Sandvik H200 hydraulic rock drill is designed for rock bolting on Sandvik rock support rigs and is also suitable for tunneling and mine development drilling on Sandvik narrow vein mining jumbos.
Sandvik H200 Rock drill

Top hammer rock drills for underground and surface

Sandvik top hammer rock drills are reliable, efficient and we have the most comprehensive offering for all different top hammer drilling applications such as surface civil engineering, quarrying, dimensional stone quarrying and underground development, bolting, production drilling among others.
Sandvik top hammer rock drills

Rock drills

Sandvik rock drills or rotation heads - depending on application - are the heart of any rock drilling equipment. As the leading supplier of rock drill technology in the world, we design, produce and deliver these core components and their spare parts for underground drilling and surface
Sandvik rock drills

RD1635CF Rock drill

Sandvik RD1635CF is a high-frequency hydraulic rock drill designed for surface long-hole drilling of 89 - 152 mm (3½ - 6 in.) holes.
Sandvik RD1635CF Rock drill

HL1560ST Rock drill

Sandvik HL1560ST is a hydraulic top hammer rock drill designed for DL411 and DL421 underground longhole drills. It is capable of drilling 89 - 127 mm holes up to 54 meters in depth, using T51 MF-rods or ST58 and ST68 tube rods.
Sandvik HL1560ST Rock drill

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