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AutoMine® Tele-Remote for loading and hauling

AutoMine® Tele-Remote is a solution for smart teleoperation and the entry-level package to Sandvik's industry-leading AutoMine® offering. The product provides an easy way to start exploring full potential of Sandvik equipment automation while achieving benefits of increased productivity,
Sandvik AutoMine™ Teleremote

OptiMine® Drill Plan Visualizer

OptiMine® Drill Plan Visualizer allows you to view, analyze and optimize the drill plans and drilling results in an easy-to-use 3D model.
Optimine™ drill plan visualiser

OptiMine® Location Tracking

OptiMine® Location Tracking provides accurate real-time location data for all your resources, including Sandvik and non-Sandvik equipment, as well as personnel and material flow. The data is collected locally by the location tracking unit, with no need for any additional production area
OptiMine® Location Tracking

OptiMine® Task Management

OptiMine® Task Management is designed to receive scheduled tasks and allow operators underground to immediately respond and adapt to any changes in their working environment. Operators can manage work tasks easily with a tablet application and make corrective actions when needed so that
OptiMine® Task Management

OptiMine® Mine Visualizer

OptiMine® Mine Visualizer is a powerful 3D model of your mine and the resources in it, capable of running in a control room, underground or anywhere in the world with any device. This improves situational awareness, as information about the mine can be easily studied and understood at a
OptiMine® Mine Visualizer is a powerful 3D model of your mine

OptiMine® Scheduler

OptiMine® Scheduler is a smart graphical scheduling and resource management tool for mine development, production and maintenance activities. This OptiMine® module offers a centralized platform for planning all mining operations, automatic dispatching of the tasks to operators underground,
OptiMine® Scheduler

AutoMine® Surface Drilling for rotary drills

AutoMine® Surface Drilling for Rotary Drills is an automation system available for Sandvik iSeries drill rigs. It aims to maximize productivity and safety while increasing drilling efficiency. With AutoMine® one operator can control multiple rigs remotely from a safe and comfortable location
AutoMine™ surface drilling


OptiMine® is an analytics and process optimization suite that offers a collection of digital solutions and accompanying Sandvik services targeted to improve the efficiency of your mining operations.
OptiMine® Scheduler


AutoMine® is a product group for autonomous and remotely operated mobile equipment. It includes AutoMine® Underground and AutoMine® Surface Drilling product sub-groups, continuously increasing with intelligent functionalities and support for different types of machinery.


Sandvik offers the industry's most advanced automation and teleoperation systems. These solutions significantly improve productivity and safety, while lowering the total cost of ownership.
Sandvik Automation systems

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