Sandvik TH430L

Sandvik TH430L Underground truck

Sandvik TH430L is an underground mining truck for low profile applications, fitting in a 4 x 2 m envelope and offering a haulage capacity of 30 tonnes. Our Sandvik TH430L is an ideal choice for ramp or level production haulage in medium sized low-profile mines, and for mine development projects in medium and large low-profile mines. The Sandvik TH430L is designed for service efficiency and maximum uptime.

All Sandvik underground mining trucks are designed to operate fully loaded and at high speeds on long spiral haulage ways with up to 20% gradients.


  • Smallest envelope size in its class enables high maneuverability and navigation in restricted widths and heights
  • Robust design and low height for low-profile applications
  • Sandvik Intelligent Control System identifies problems before they occur
  • 50/50 loaded weight distribution ensures smoother handling
  • Three-pass loading with Sandvik LH410 optimizes the ore-moving process
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 10.5 x 3.0 x 2.0 m
Capacity 30 metric ton
Dump box range 15 m2
Weight (operating) 28,270 kg
Engine power 310 kW
Speed (loaded) 36 km/h max