LS190 Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Sandvik LS190 Flameproof underground utility vehicle

Sandvik LS190 is our most flexible underground utility vehicle in the higher power bracket, with a lifting capacity of 10 tons. This compact and powerful underground coal loader can be used in conjunction with our 57-ton hydraulic assist roof support trailer for relocating larger longwall equipment.


Longwalls mean long hauls. Sandvik LS190 flameproof utility vehicle gets the equipment to the furthest reaches of the mine – quickly, securely and safely.

  • Pressure-compensated hydraulic system with "flow on demand" maximizes efficiency and conserves power.
  • Optional fixed-displacment system also available for more challenging environments
  • Compact design for small turning radius
  • Easy operation leads to faster cycle times
  • Increased cabin size for improved ergonomics and improved operator comfort
  • Proven reliability of the Caterpillar 3126 DITA mechanical engine package
  • Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 9.0 x 2.3 x 2.2 m
Capacity 10 metric ton
Bucket range 2.2 - 3.8 m3
Weight (operating) 25,300 kg
Engine power 153 kW
Tractive Effort 190 kN
Speed (loaded) 26.8 km/h