Electric loaders

Our Sandvik electric loaders contribute to a cleaner and more quiet environment, without compromising safety, productivity or efficiency.

Sandvik's electric loaders with zero diesel emissions and lower noise reduce the need for ventilation and improve underground working conditions. The electric loaders combine compact design with reliability, high breakout forces, responsive controls and high tramming speeds. High power-to-weight ratios ensure quick cycle times.

Toro™ LH625iE Electric Loader

Toro™ LH625iE is an electric loader with a 25 tonne payload capacity. Equipped with an energy efficient, IE4 classified electric motor, the giant loader offers low cost per loaded tonne. With no exhaust emissions, less heat and lower noise levels, the electric motor contributes to better working conditions underground, and helps to reduce mine ventilation costs.

Toro™ LH514BE is the next level of electric loaders: a battery-assisted electric loader. While maintaining the best in class payload to weight ratio, the 14 tonne loader also can easily disconnect from the power grid and drive to its new location. Toro™ LH514BE is your next step to harness the power of electrification, battery technology, and automation.

Sandvik LH514E Electric LHD

Sandvik LH514E is an electrically-driven loader for underground loading and hauling, with a tramming capacity of 14 metric tons and a payload-to-own-weight ratio that's best in class. This durable, high capacity electric loader is proof that you can create a cleaner, quieter, safer underground working environment without sacrificing power and productivity.

Sandvik LH409E Electric LHD

Sandvik LH409E is an electrically-driven underground loader with a high-productivity tramming capacity of 9.6 metric tons. Zero emissions and low noise enable you to create a cleaner, quieter underground working environment. Reliability, fast bucket filling and rapid cycle times provide high capacity at low cost per tonne.

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