Sandvik TH550B

TH550B by Sandvik is a fully battery powered truck and the only battery powered truck for underground mining with a 50 tonne capacity. The truck combines Sandvik’s 50 years of experience in developing loaders and trucks with Artisan’s innovative electric drivelines and battery packs.

Replace or redesign? Rethink.

Sandvik TH550B has been designed to best utilize the innovative technology of its battery pack and electric driveline, allowing Sandvik to maximize the capabilities of our battery technology. Based on the philosophy of rethinking the equipment rather than the mine, the truck is simple to implement in any underground hard rock operation. Infrastructure needs are minimal, with no requirement for overhead cranes or other heavy handling equipment. All that is needed is a battery bay with an electric connection.

Fast and easy AutoSwap and AutoConnect

The patented self-swapping system of Sandvik TH550B, including the AutoSwap and AutoConnect functions, is designed for improved equipment availability and safety, along with the fastest BEV pit stop on the market. During the quick and simple battery swap, the truck operator controls the procedure without leaving the equipment cabin. While tramming downhill, the truck uses regenerative braking to recharge the battery.

Less heat and zero diesel emissions, purpose-designed battery chemistry

Sandvik TH550B utilizes the most advanced battery technology, based on a Lithium-Iron Phosphate chemistry (LiFePO4 or LFP). The truck produces no underground exhaust emissions and significantly less heat than traditional technologies, supporting a mine in reaching sustainability targets for example by means of reduced CO2 emissions. On a practical level, battery-powered equipment helps to reduce ventilation requirements deep underground, having a positive impact on the bottom line.

High-power electric driveline

Since battery power produces less heat, Sandvik chose the most powerful electric motors available for underground use are part of the truck design. The electric drivetrain delivers 560kW of power and 6000Nm of total torque output, allowing for higher ramp speeds for shorter cycle times and an efficient ore moving process.

Superior Operator Environment

As with all Sandvik equipment, the truck comes with premium operator ergonomics. Sandvik TH550B cabins are ROPS and FOPS certified, sealed for noise resistance and fitted with dust resistant upholstery materials. It has laminated safety glass windows, emergency exits and an illuminated cabin entrance with three-point contact handles and anti-slip steps. The door features a magnetic interlock switch which automatically applies brakes when the cabin door is opened.


  • Minimal infrastructure requirements for underground mines
  • Fast and easy battery AutoSwap and AutoConnect
  • Largest payload capacity on the BEV market for underground mining
  • High-powered electric driveline and the most powerful electric motors available for underground use
  • Reduced maintenance and fewer major component change outs
  • Sandvik common systems and design solutions
Technical Data
Dimension (L-W-H) 11 x 3.3 x 2.7 m
Box range 24-31 m3
Capacity 50 000 kg
Weight (operating) 49 600 kg
Continuous Power Output 540 kW (tractive)
Speed (loaded) 37 km/h***

***Speeds over 20 km/h subject to application approval

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