Sandvik LH518B

Sandvik LH518B is the most compact 18 tonne loader on the market, and its driven with battery electric power. Its dimensions are equal to the 14 metric tonne size class, allowing it to fit in a 4,5 m x 4,5 m tunnel. The powerful electric motors, innovative electric driveline and the smaller tyres on the rear compared to the front, result in small size, high payload capacity and increased visibility.

Replace or redesign? Rethink.

To best utilize the possibilities that new BEV technology brings, the LH518B battery electric loader from Sandvik has been designed from the ground-up, entirely around the loader’s Artisan™ battery system and electric driveline. By us rethinking the machine you don’t need to rethink the whole mine.

Less heat, zero diesel emissions

The LH518B from Sandvik utilizes today’s cutting edge battery technology, based on Lithium-Iron Phosphate chemistry (LiFePO4). The fully battery-driven LH518B produces no underground exhaust emissions and significantly less heat than traditional diesel engines, supporting the mines to reach sustainability targets for example by means of reduced CO2 emissions. On a practical level, battery-powered equipment helps to reduce ventilation requirements deep underground, having a positive impact on the bottom line.

High-power electric driveline

As battery equipment power is not constrained by mine ventilation limitations, nothing is stopping us from using the most powerful electric motors available for underground use. The electric drivetrain delivers 600kW of power, allowing higher acceleration and fast ramp speed which results in short cycle times. With 6000Nm of total torque output, the LH518B fills a bucket like no other machine on the market.

AutoSwap and AutoConnect

The LH518B is equipped with a unique AutoSwap, a patented self-swapping system for the Artisan ™ battery system. Battery swapping with the AutoSwap is fast and easy with minimum amount of manual handling. All this together with the purpose-designed battery chemistry improves overall safety and productivity underground.

Minimal infrastructure impact

Thanks to the AutoSwap, the LH518B battery loader does not require any heavy mine infrastructure such as overhead cranes or forklifts to hoist or move batteries; all that is needed is a passing bay or an old re-mucking bay. Further, the cubes for charging battery are easy to relocate as operation advances, and they can be connected to the mine existing power network.


  • High-power electric driveline with the most powerful electric motors available for underground use
  • Less heat, zero diesel emissions
  • Fast and easy AutoSwap battery self-swapping system
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements
  • Reduced consumption of maintenance parts and less major component change outs
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 11.2 x 2.9 x 2.6 m
Capacity 18 metric ton
Bucket range 6.3 – 8.6 m3
Weight (operating) 52,000 kg